What are the Benefits of Using your Own Custom Domain?
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What are the Benefits of Using your Own Custom Domain?

Building a brand is way more than just marketing stuff on social media. You need to be ahead of the game in every way possible. And that includes using your own custom domain when building an eCommerce site for your business.

Wait, had not given a thought to the domain name of your website? Don’t you worry! A lot of people when using a site builder to create their own online shop, don’t pay attention to the domain name of their final digital store. For instance, let’s take WordPress for example – If a visitor sees “WordPress” mentioned in your domain, they will automatically think that your business is a part of WordPress when in reality, you’ve only used this platform to create your own store for online business operations. And this is where the importance of custom domain surfaces. For more information, keep reading to find out!

  1. Give a Recall Value to your Website

Website recall value is very similar to your brand’s recall value. Setting up a website is also about giving it the easiest name possible, which can be remembered by your audience quickly and whenever they think of a particular product/vertical, they immediately think of your online store for a satisfying shopping experience.

So taking the above-mentioned example as an apt reference, what would happen if your domain name has WordPress mentioned in it? Your audience will never know much about your brand. They wouldn’t even know the name of your brand, in this case! Hence, it is key that your website link is made up of a custom domain name that comprises the name of your brand/business so that your target audience can genuinely understand the brilliance of your product/services.

  • Establish Your Authority as an Entrepreneur

If you’re getting into Public Relations, and getting the name of your brand circulated across the media, you need them to look at you as a serious entrepreneur. And what impression would you be putting on your audience and the media if your website URL doesn’t have a custom domain in it? You can’t expect people to actually think of your business as a proper retail brand that promises customer satisfaction.

Here’s the solution to this challenge – the best way to make a website is by using a builder that provides you with the ability to add a customised domain to the link. So if your business is called, ‘Hot Fashion’, your website link should be ‘www.hotfashion.com’ for everybody to start looking at your home-grown business as a promising shopping brand.

  • The SEO Benefits

Did you know that the traffic and engagement with a particular website link stars dropping as you move lower in the search rankings on Google. This implies that in order to be looked at as a trusted brand with greater engagement numbers, you need to do everything possible to make it happen. And guess what? It gets a lot easier for your website to show up in the Google search rankings when you have a custom domain attached to the link. This will help you position your business as a renowned brand in the digital space. And you rate of engagement and clicks will also shoot up significantly.

How Can You Get a Custom Domain for FREE?!

Thanks to innovative tech-enabled solutions entering the market, the easiest way to make a website and add your personalised domain name is here, already. Check out Shiprocket Social, your go-to website building tool to start your online business from scratch and grow it into a brand that everybody wants.

It takes less than 30 seconds to sign-up with Shiprocket Social. With this offering, you can save time and money on setting up an online infrastructure for your e-store. All you have to do is click here and get started with social selling in the easiest way possible. Create a Facebook shop, upload personalised banners, write SEO-friendly content for your website to show up in the search rankings, and most importantly, add a custom domain to provide easy branding access to your business.

Social selling is easy. But with us, it’s as easy as it gets.


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