Want to Know How your Shiprocket Social Seller Panel Works?
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Want to Know How your Shiprocket Social Seller Panel Works?

Your mind is toying with the brilliant idea of entrepreneurship? And you’re thinking of creating a website for your business? Lo and behold, you have reached the correct destination, dear friend. This is Shiprocket Social, an online website builder that helps sellers bring their unique products on a unified platform and sell them to the end-user.

However, you must also be thinking that why in the world would anyone come here when there’s competitive website building platforms like, Wix and Storehippo? Here’s why –

Creating a website for your business on Shiprocket Social is absolutely free! Yes, no hidden charges, no conditions applied. It’s all out in the open for you to see. At the same time, Shiprocket Social is more than just an online website builder; it is also an eCommerce platform. You can sell unlimited products through your Shiprocket Social Seller Panel. The same can’t be said for a Wix website.

Let us delve a little deeper into the matter to understand exactly what all goes into making a website for your business. For the love of money, why don’t you scroll down to know exactly how your Shiprocket Social Seller Panel works? Let’s get started!

  1. Sign Up –

To sign up, fill your basic details into the dialogues boxes shown below in the image and click on “Start Selling”. Or you can also sign up through your existing Facebook or Google account.

  • To complete the signup process, enter the OTP that you will receive on your registered mobile number. (see below)

2. Create Your Shop –

  • Please enter your shop details here. Click on “Create Shop” to create your business website for free. (see below)

Now that you have signed up, let’s understand how your Shiprocket Social panel works. Read below to find out more!

3. List Your Products –

This is what your ShipRocket Social panel looks like after you’ve signed up on the platform. Start adding all the products that you want to showcase on your panel by clicking on “Add Product”. (see below)

  • By clicking on “Add Product”, you will be directed to a Tab where you will have to fill all the information like Name, Description, etc. about the product you want to sell. (see below)
  • By clicking on “Product List”, you can check all the products uploaded on your Shiprocket Social account. (see below)

4. Basic Website Settings

  1. Website Settings Under the ‘Website” section, you will see the “Guide” icon. Click on it to see something like this (see below). Scroll down to have a look at the Guide to Setup your business website. 
  • How to connect a custom domain?

Click on the Domain button to enter your Domain URL in the given dialogue box. (see below)

Please Note: Like a good online website builder, Shiprocket Social allows you to add custom domain. To connect your custom domain to your SR Social account and to view your Kanvas Website, please click on the icon “CNAME Setup Guide”.

  • You will be directed to this Tab (see below). Please fill the required details to connect your custom domain. Once you’ve filled the necessary details, click on “Go Back”.
  • How to add your website banners?

Click on the “Banner” button to upload your website banners. Click on “Upload Banners” and you will be directed to another Tab. (see below)

Fill the required details like banner image, Banner link URL, Priority, Status (Enabled/Disabled), etc to upload your website banners (see below). It is important to note that the minimum image dimensions must be 1000*250 px.

  • How to Add Custom Pages?

You can create your custom web pages by clicking on the “Pages” icon on the taskbar. Click on “Create Custom Web Pages” and you will be directed to another Tab. (See below)

This tab requires you to fill details about the web pages such as Title, HTML, Meta Title, etc. Kindly fill in the blanks to create custom web pages for your business website.

As you’re progressing in the tutorial, you must be noticed that creating a website for your business on Shiprocket Social is an easy process. You don’t need to pay a fortune to a web developer if you can’t afford to do so. In fact, you don’t even need to go to Wix or Storehippo and pay a substantial subscription fee to acquire a beautiful corporate website. Because SR Social is helping you build it for free!

  • How to connect your Shop with your Social Media accounts?

“Social” page that requires you to put in the links to all your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc. To connect them to your ShipRocket Social panel. (see below)

  • Analytics:

Click on “Analytics” and put your Google Analytics Tracking ID to ensure that you can routinely track the traffic of your website.

II. How to Connect your Facebook with your SR Social Account?

  • ShipRocket Social is a unified platform that allows you to integrate your business’ social media handles, as well, so that you can easily sell through them without having to go through the trouble of managing different things at different places.
  • To integrate your Facebook Page, click on the “Facebook” button on the taskbar and then, select the “Page” button.
  • To start off, Click on the “Connect your Account” button to connect your Facebook account with your ShipRocket Social panel. (see below)
  • After you have connected your Facebook account and your business page, click on the “Select Facebook page” option to select the page that you have connected with your SR Social panel. (see below)
  • After selecting the Facebook page, click on Connect Facebook, which will direct you to something like this (see below). Now you can create your own Facebook shop (“Create Shop on Facebook” icon) and sell directly to your consumers through this unified panel.
  • You can also create a Facebook shop by clicking on the Shop button under Facebook icon on your taskbar. (see below)

5. Shipping-

If you click on “ShipRocket Panel”, you will be directed to a new Tab (see below) which will automatically create your Seller account on ShipRocket. Through this tech-enabled logistics platform, you can now ship your products to your customers in a transparent and an affordable way through 17+ courier partners cross 26,000+ pin codes in India and over 220 countries globally.

Please Note: You can use the same credentials to log into your Shiprocket account as your Shiprocket Social account.

This is what your ShipRocket Seller panel looks like – to give you a delightful shipping experience. (see below)

To know more about how your ShipRocket seller panel works, please click on the mentioned link to read all the FAQs related to Orders and Order Management- https://shiprocket.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/43000271388

To know more about Weight Disputes, please click on the mentioned link to read all the FAQs – https://shiprocket.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/43000271405

You can also have a look at our Blog section by clicking on the mentioned link here – https://www.shiprocket.in/blog/

  • My Sales –

That’s the thing with a Wix website – it won’t allow you to track your business’ sales. However, the same can’t be said for our online website builder, Shiprocket Social.

You can also track your sales and shipments on your SR Social panel. To do this, go to the “My Sales” section on the taskbar. If click on the drop-down button of “My Sales”, you will get a list of options as shown below (Action, Pending, Canceled Orders, Track Orders, etc.).

6. Billing & Remittances

To know more about Billing & Remittances, please click on the link mentioned here to read all the FAQs – https://support.shiprocket.in/support/solutions/43000271405

And you’re pretty much a pro now in operating your SR Social Seller panel. Only a few years ago, creating a website for your business would have been a big deal. Website developer, a wad of cash, constant supervision and whatnot – you would have had to go through a lot of hassles during the process of building a business from scratch. Not anymore though! Shiprocket Social is here.

And the only mantra we follow is this – Selling online was never so easy.

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