UPDATE: Build your own Website and Ship Non Essential Goods Today!
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UPDATE: Build your own Website and Ship Non Essential Goods Today!

We have got good news for you. On 1st May 2020, the Ministry of Home Affairs announced that the national lockdown was going to be extended by 2 weeks. However, at the same time, it was declared that the entire country was segregated into colour-coded categories – green, orange and red. These important categories today determine the locations where the government has loosened the restrictions for businesses to operate.

The ban on shipping of non essential goods has been lifted, successfully – but only in the green and orange districts, as mentioned by the Government of India. It is finally time for you to pull up your socks because you’re going to start doing business again.

Yes, you read that right. Now, you get to build your own website with Shiprocket Social and ship non essential goods to your customers.

If you’re already shipping products through Shiprocket Social, you should contact your Account Manager at the latest so that pickups can be scheduled. However, if you do not have an assigned Account Manager, at the moment, kindly contact us at 9266623006 for more information pertaining to this.

Important Note For Red Zone areas, we will pick up both essential and non essential goods if the pin code is outside of a containment zone, and the seller’s warehouse is allowed to open. However, the delivery of non-essential items in red zones and containment zones will still not be permitted. You can only deliver essential goods in the red zones.

Also, please note that no eCommerce shipping is allowed in the containment zones. To get a list of serviceable pin codes for eCommerce deliveries, please click here.

Mentioned below is a tabular representation of what kind of products can be shipped in different zones. Please have a look to know more.

Active Courier Partners for Deliveries

As of now, the following courier partners are open to delivery of essentials and non essential goods

  • Delhivery Surface 500 GM
  • Delhivery Surface Standard 5KG
  • Delhivery Surface Lite 2KG
  • Xpressbees Surface 500GM
  • Ecom Express & ROS

Points to Remember

  1. New to Shiprocket Social? Don’t worry! Click here to understand how your social seller panel works once you build your own website
  2. If you already have an account, simply log into it and start shipping orders like usual
  3. For all the sellers who have serviceable pin codes, shipping of essential and non essential goods has already started
  4. Kindly follow instructions mentioned by the Government of India and maintain proper standards of hygiene and sanitization to mitigate the fears of novel coronavirus
  5. You can continue to deliver essentials with the following courier partners – Delhivery Essentials, Shadowfax Essentials, Xpressbees Essentials and Ecom Express
  6. You can start shipping essentials and non-essentials through our hyperlocal deliveries partnered with Shadowfax and Dunzo (launched in 12 key cities)
  7. You cannot avail international shipping right now due to the lockdown restrictions

Now that we have covered all the important points for your knowledge, it is time to start hustling and resume business. Don’t lose out on the revenue and the prospects of expanding your legacy.  Build your own website and connect with your customers by delivering products to their homes, both essentials and non-essential items.

We will be back with more updates, but till the next time, happy selling!

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