Top Online Site Builders You Cannot Miss to Give a Try
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Top Online Site Builders You Cannot Miss to Give a Try

Who knew hat the Internet would come up with something so amazing as a DIY website building tool, which can help you make your website within a few clicks of a mouse button. Nobody could have predicted the sheer awesomeness of how online site builders automatically hand over to you an e-store for your eCommerce operations. And the market is flooded with such awesomeness, if we may confess. There are hundreds of website building paraphernalia in India itself that can help you create the online store of your dreams. And we are here today, enlisting the top best build your own website software that you certainly must give a try during this quarantine season. Let’s have a quick look, shall we?

  • Shopify

Based out of Canada, this site builder gives a 90-day free trial for you to try the product. And it’s amazing for your eCommerce functionality. Shopify enables you with picturesque templates and an easy-to-use interface with a wide range of features so that your Internet store gets equipped with all the features that your buyers might need in the near future.

Yes, to get an upgrade on features, you would have to pay a subscription fee, but we believe that it is worth it. Because once you’re all in, Shopify assures to manage your business through advanced tech and automation.

  • Weebly

Of course, this had to make it to the top online site builders list. Based out of San Francisco, Weebly provides ample ease of use, which is wonderful for people who have no clue about technology usage whatsoever. The starter pack presented on their website is free of cost, but at the same time, one would have to pay a minimum of $5 to connect a custom domain. However, Weebly wins the hearts of the people by providing good functionality, a user-friendly interface and all the features that are imperative to building an unforgettable online shopping experience.

  • WebsiteBuilder

This simple website builder showcases feasibility, with its starter pack costing a user less than $5. And the catch is that if you close your account within the first 14 days, they will refund your money. It gives you an eCommerce platform to start selling products and equips you with a tech-enabled logistics solutions provider too. Most importantly, we shouldn’t forget that a lot of people have tried and tested the product enough to tell you that this one is a keeper.

Hence, gets a secure place in our list of top online site builders.  

  • Shiprocket Social

Based out of Delhi, this website builder has a lot of different catches, but the biggest one is definitely that it is completely free of cost. Setting up a website with Shiprocket Social doesn’t cost you even a pennyworth of commission and at the same time, you get all the features that are important to make an online shop work. For instance, you can add a custom domain with this free site maker for customisation and generate coupon codes for your customers but that is all for free. The pre-integrated logistics shipping software, Shiprocket is also a free deal (although, you do have to pay a reasonable fee for the shipping).

And that is why it hits our best online site builders list – because every feature is free and functional for your requirements.

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  • Wix

This is one a popular website building tool in the market these days and we can’t disagree. Wix website maker gives you the freedom to create beautiful websites that would most probably leave your buyers in awe. They would never want to leave your store.

Wix is user-friendly for someone who is not best friends with technology but wants to take charge of their own website at the same time. Yes, the upgraded features come at a subscription fee but if the functionality of the software is worthy of the price, we say that it is a must-try for you.

And it’s blog page is also a must-read.

  • Google Sites

This one was built on the intention of giving everyone the power to create a website of their own if they wish. This free website builder lets you create a simple online store that can support a connection between different editors. One let down maybe that it doesn’t let you add a custom domain, but considering that it is not charging you any money, we think that this one deserves to be on the list of top online site builders.

  • GoDaddy

Now, we’re talking about a brand that has been in the domain game for a long time. It promises you fast, secure web hosting and every free has a certain price tag attached to it. For example, if you want your online store to be SSL Secured, you’d have to pay a little over $5 per month for it. However, at the same time, you can create a free website and use their marketing tools on a free trial basis. Also, with a customer-friendly support team, we think that GoDaddy should be on our list of best online site builders.

  • InstaMojo

This one is a popular payment gateway platform with an additional feature of website building and eCommerce services. And yes, we have another one on the list that is a free online store creator. Built for the welfare of small and medium businesses, Instamojo makes sure that your website gets a safe platform to function with efficient payment gateways and a fully functional eCommerce arena for your customers.

And that’s it from our side! Now that we have enlisted the top online site builders for you to definitely try, we believe that the world is your oyster, as of now. You can try multiple software to your satisfaction and stick to the one that genuinely listens to what your business needs.

Because the idea is to make social selling easy for yourself.


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