Top 4 Platforms to Increase Engagement Around your eCommerce Brand
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Top 4 Platforms to Increase Engagement Around your eCommerce Brand

Publicity is an important part of building a retail brand. As a seller who is competing with a thousand other brands in the e-selling space, you need to be pro-active in marketing your business. Because if you don’t tell your audience about what you’re selling and how your product solves their pain points, they will never know enough about your eCommerce brand to buy from it. And believe it or not, there are thousands of online platforms where you can build an audience and talk about your brand.

Like we said, publicity is key to building brand awareness and this blog is going to talk about the top 4 public forum platforms that will definitely help you with your mission to ace online shop branding – keep reading to find out more!

  1. Quora

One of the most popular digital stages on the Internet right now is Quora, for sure. This site is the very embodiment of freedom of speech and helps you talk about whatever you want. You could write your opinions about a pack of Oreos and there would be somebody online who would share your thoughts and contribute more to what you’re already saying.

But as a social seller, you’re not going to use Quora to talk about a pack of Oreo cookies. You will be talking about your eCommerce brand and how it can add value to your audience’s lives. However, you must also know that using a public forum platform like Quora requires smart marketing. Because your competition is already on Quora and is advertising its products in front of your target audience. Some of the top retail brands are doing the same and boosting their sales through this medium.

So how do you do things differently for your own online shop?

Well, you don’t just talk about your own product catalogue but also about the product categories that you’re dealing in. You build a knowledge base on Quora for your audience, because everybody likes free information. Using Quora to merely promote your eCommerce brand might not be the best way to go about things here.

  • Facebook Community Pages

When it comes to internet marketing – we can’t forget to put Facebook on the list. This one is already serving 2.50 billion monthly active users, which implies that the market is incredibly huge. As a social seller, you can promote your products to such a massive audience and also provide deliveries to them by partnering with the right 3PL partner that provides the power of courier aggregation and widest pin-code serviceability.

The key to advertising your eCommerce brand on Facebook is by posting regularly on its community pages. To execute this perfectly, you need to adhere to every community page’s guidelines and create banners and captions accordingly. However, the benefit of doing so is that you get to not only promote your brand in front of your own Facebook page’s audience but also in front of the other people’s page’s audiences. This is one of the best internet marketing strategies that we can propose to you – the more people engage with your posts in those community pages, the more they would want to shop from you.

  • Twitter

Twitter hosts around 145 million people as daily active users. Yes, this doesn’ compare to Facebook, but this number is also huge and it would help to build engagement around your eCommerce brand on an intelligent platform like Twitter. In terms of web marketing – Twitter is the right platform to create conversations about different topics. And this includes your brand, as well. The good thing about Twitter is that its audience includes people who are always willing to build discourse around new products, issues.

So make the most of this platform by promoting information not only about the product you’re selling but also around the ways and means in which your brand can help that particular audience with its pain points.

  • Yahoo Answers & Reddit

Another 2 popular public discourse platforms for effective content marketing are Yahoo Answers and Reddit. In both of these forums, the audience is vast and diverse, something that your eCommerce brand definitely needs to ensure a boost of engagement and promotions. Besides answering the questions related to your industry vertical, you can also create new questions on your own, about what your brand stands for and how it can add value to other people’s lives.

Now that you know the top 4 platforms to enable the right content marketing strategy for your brand, we urge you to go ahead, get started with the process ASAP!

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