Ecommerce Website Solutions 101: 20 Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Online Sales
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Ecommerce Website Solutions 101: 20 Tips & Tricks to Boost Your Online Sales

So, you thought opening an e-commerce shop would be enough to get a gush of sales?

Before you act prematurely here, we would like to tell you that this is not a how to start an online store tutorial. You must have got that part covered as an ambitious entrepreneur who wants to take home way more money than he can count. However, you should know that just by using an eCommerce website builder, you cannot possibly gain all the traction in the world. People need to know that you and your product exists.

Did you just think “But how do I do that?” right about now? Fret not, sweet child, because Shiprocket Social is here to suggest some tips and tricks that are pertinent to boost your online sales. For more details, why don’t you scroll down to continue reading?

1.Improve your Product Listing

Improve your Product Listing

Here is what an ideal product listing should look like –

  • Title – A product title should be SEO friendly, descriptive and relatable
  • Photos – Ideally captured against a white background. The photos should display every aspect of your product
  • Description – This should ideally be based on your product’s features and not on its specifications. It should be SEO-friendly too

So tell us; referring to the above-mentioned pointers, how would you rate the product listing on your online store website?

2.Maintain Your Stock

Just make sure that you don’t run out of inventory as and when you get a flow of orders from your customers. Because that could lead to a lot of things all at once, and none of them would be sunny, most probably.

3.Sell at a Competitive Price

The impact of price on the sale of your product is indescribable. Most people are more inclined to check the price tag of that minimalistic green dress than the attractive lacy pattern of its fabric. Therefore, it would be for the better if your online eCommerce site has its price points absolutely tested via different strategies. After all, if you wouldn’t know how your customers would respond towards them, then who in the world would?

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4.Chat with your Customers

Chat with your Customers

Assurance is essential. Your customer support team needs your clientele to understand that your brand is there for them at every minute of the day to address their grievances and queries.

  • Get in touch directly with your potential customers
  • Help customers with their purchase queries
  • Upsell products directly in the chat

5.Accept and Process Orders in Time

What’s the point of building a beautiful, innovative site through a website building platform like, Wix or ShipRocket Social, if it doesn’t accept and process orders in time? Your customer will be happy-dancing when you will have those orders processed to them in time. And look at this wonderful cherry on the cake – fulfilling the process with punctuality will also lead to customer retention.

6.Build your Brand with Good Packaging

Did you know that a whopping 52% of your customers are likely to make a repeat purchase if they like the packaging of your product? Yes, there’s a shocker you never saw coming.

Good packaging helps in building the brand’s identity, attract attention and enhance the unboxing experience for your customer.

Our best free website builder recommends these easy tips for order packaging. Why don’t you take some time to go through them for the perfect packaging experience?

7.Sell Genuine Items and Build Trust

Well, this one is rather obvious but it never hurts to tell again, right? Sell genuine goods if you’re a serious seller and want to grow your business online. Please don’t try to cheat your customers if you’re a firm believer in the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. After all, nobody on the planet has enough money to be fooled twice, dearest amigo.

8.Word-of-Mouth Promotion

According to a marketing survey, 92% of consumers prefer buying products suggested by their friends and family than advertising. And it makes all the sense in the world because one would obviously believe their mother’s review of the pair of shoes they liked on a seller online shop than put their confidence in some random billboard advertising that highlights their “amazing” features.

Word-of-mouth marketing is important and contributes a lot to build a customer’s trust in your product.

9.Participate in Seasonal Sales

Are you selling your products on the best eCommerce website in town? Awesome! Keep in mind to participate in their seasonal sales, which are heavily promoted by the platform itself. This exercise is quite remarkable if you want a boost in online sales and want to see increased traffic on your web page too.

10.Run Discounts on your Products

Run Discounts on your Products

The relationship between a consumer and a discounted product is deep and passionate. All you need to do is dance to the beat of your customer’s heart because it always thumps for discounted products. You can run promotions like:

  • Free shipping offers
  • BOGO offer (Buy One, Get One)
  • Coupon code
  • Discount on buying multiple items. For e.g; Buy 3 to get 30% off

11.Accept Returns and Exchanges

66% of online shoppers check the return and exchange policy of the retail store website before making a purchase.

So what does this imply for you as an online seller?

Nothing but to shoulder the task of creating a well-crafted return and exchange policy, so that your customer starts trusting your shopping platform.

12.Give Novelty, Inexpensive Freebies

If a discounted product is the heart, then a novelty freebie is the soul of any shopping experience. Any avid online shopper loves it when their favourite online retail shop sends a surprise gift to them right at their doorstep. It makes them feel pampered. So try to earn customer loyalty and attract new ones by Freebie marketing.

 13.Pay Shipping and COD Charges from your own Pocket

So the thing with “Free COD” and “Free Shipping” is that these phrases are like a rosy lipstick to an already pretty face. Both of them brighten up a customer’s life, even if momentarily. Take our advice and try to bear these costs if you are a budding player in the eCommerce industry.

14.Social Media Marketing is a Must (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

Social Media Marketing

Shiprocket Social emphasizes this again – a striking Wix website is not going to do wonders for your online sales if you are not doing the needful to promote your product. And you know what is one of the most important marketing tools in today’s commercialized world?

Social Media Marketing!

15.Runs Paid Ads on Facebook and Google

For the love of website traffic, please run paid ads on Facebook and Google!

Google is the most used search engine, while Facebook has around 2.23 billion daily active users. These two are the biggest revenue generators when it comes to paid marketing.

16.Increase your Visibility

Okay, so this one is an amalgamation of how to sell a product online for free and not-so-free. Here are a few more ways to increase your visibility and thereby sales on an e-commerce marketplace:

  • Run Promotional Ads
  • Get listed as ‘Featured Products’
  • Target the right keywords to target the right customer

17. Increase your Traffic through Blogs and Backlinks

Want to generate organic traffic? Write blogs with SEO-friendly content on your website to educate your customers about your product. Also, it is recommended that you create back-links by posting more information about your brand on guest websites.

18.Get More Eyeballs with Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the new writing letters. This is a great way to connect with your customers on a personal level. You can send emails about anything related to your brand – a new order, thank you, a discount alert, seasonal greetings, etc.

19.Sell on Facebook

Sell on Facebook

As mentioned above, Facebook has around 2.23 billion daily active users! If you’re not making the most of this number by selling your products directly on this social media platform, then we don’t know what else to say to you.

Let your fans browse, share and purchase your products directly from your Facebook Shop.

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20.Create your own Website that is Easy to Browse Through

Create your own Website

A simple website can do a lot for building the identity of your brand. And don’t forget! A website is an amazing way to:

  • Tell your brand story
  • Show seasonal discounts
  • Display your best-selling products

Want to know how to create a website for free? Check out ShipRocket Social here!

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