Shiprocket Social Buyer Policy

Shiprocket Social is your one-stop destination to purchase unique products directly from sellers around the world. We request you to read these terms and conditions to know more about how Shiprocket Social works and what we expect of you, as a buyer.

Our Limitations:

Shiprocket Social is a venue to discover unique shops from sellers around the world. Please note we do not take part in any transaction that happened between a buyer and a seller.

  1. We are not responsible for any damaged or wrong item received by a buyer, nor we guarantee any product’s originality.
  2. Each seller on Shiprocket Social has their own website. In order to purchase anything, you need to visit the respective seller’s website.
  3. We play no role in sellers’ return, exchange, or refund policies.
  4. If you need any kind of assistance, we need you to contact the respective seller directly.