Read What the Industry Experts Have to Say about Resetting your Business in the Times of COVID-19
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Read What the Industry Experts Have to Say about Resetting your Business in the Times of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus has laterally inverted our lives in a way that we keep hearing people say repeatedly that this is the new normal. Offline markets are going through one of the biggest crisis of history, the world of the Internet is seeing a revolution for business owners, social distancing is being promoted constantly and wearing masks is a prerequisite for stepping outside. Suddenly, nothing is the same. And this topic was an important part of the 3-day virtual summit hosted by Shiprocket called, SHIVIR 2020.

SHIVIR 2020 was hosted from 20th June to 22nd June with a bunch of leading industry experts coming from different industries and discussing the COVID-19 crisis. This virtual eCommerce summit had people from Unicommerce, Shopify, Facebook, Dr Vaidya’s, EarnKaro, Zoho Commerce, GreenHonchos, Adyogi, Ecom Gurukul, Altudo, PayU and Payoneer. Yes, seems like an insightful extravaganza, right?

There were countless thoughts exchanged during the course of these 3 days. And most of them revolved around how you can reset and grow your business in the times of COVID-19. Keep reading to find out exactly what these industry experts had to say about eCommerce, logistics and adapting to the tough times.

  1. Digitise Your Business

Saahil Goel, CEO & Co-Founder, Shiprocket said, “A post-COVID world will coax you to digitise as many parts of your business as possible. eCommerce will become a prominent sales channel, hence must be benefitted from. Learn to do more with less, conserve cash and lose any cost in the business which is not absolutely essential”.

In short, all you have to do is embrace the idea of bringing your business online. And to get started with this mission, you need to start with using a simple site builder to create an online store for your business.

At the same time, Anshuk Aggarwal, CEO & Co-Founder, Adyogi said, “Cost of ads on social platforms like FB, Instagram remains 50% lower than pre-COVID. This is a great opportunity for any retail brand to go direct-to-consumer via webstore and acquire customers rapidly”.

And we believe that Anshuk couldn’t have explained it in a simpler way. The best part about this is that setting up a website is going to be the easiest job here.

  • Social Selling is the Key

Very clearly, Kush Sagar, Partnerships, Facebook said, “We know that operating your business may be more difficult than usual during this uncertain time. At Facebook, we are offering a lot of resources that can help you provide your customers and employees with the support they need”.

Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more are amping up the game for eCommerce sellers. Extra benefits and newer tools are being provided to countless eCommerce sellers by these platforms for them to adjust and reset their businesses better. If anything, a simple website builder like Shiprocket Social are helping you create and connect your personalised Facebook shop so that social selling becomes simpler in the post-lockdown world.

  • Logistical Automation

Gautam Kapoor, COO & Co-Founder, Shiprocket said, “COVID-19 highlight the urgent need to digitise and automate business on different fronts like sales, payments, supply chain etc. Several startups and 3PLs have created innovative solutions to serve the changing demands of online sellers and buyers”.

And we couldn’t agree with him more. To streamline the overall operations of your eCommerce business – you need to empower your online store with tech-enabled automation that can help you provide an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers.

  • Integrating Payment Gateways

Noopur Chaturvedi, Country Head of SMBs, PayU India said, “With consumers embracing digital that offers a faster, more convenient and safer experience, it is time for retailers to leverage and broaden their reach with smarter and newer digital solutions”.

Also, Kavish Ahuja, Sr. Business Development Manager, Payoneer said, “With easy access to cross-border payments, the e-seller community can take advantage of increased digital adoption in a post-COVID world”. 

Shiprocket Social provides integration with Razorpay and PayU for your website so that you can provide the comfort of faster and safe payments to your customers. Just letting you know in case you’re all set to reset and rework on growing your business.

Here is some more of what our industry experts had to say during the course of 3 days of SHIVIR 2020 –

“With all this talk of disruption, don’t lose focus on the basics. Listen to your customer, and remember why you started selling in the first place. The only thing that changes is the ‘how’. You must accelerate everything – adapt, go digital, whatever it takes- the reward for taking action is disproportionately high right now.” – Ashish Goel, Product Marketing, Zoho Commerce

“Finding answers for growth in atypical places is the secret to ROI effective and exponential growth in business.” – Rohan Bhargava, Founder, EarnKaro

“Covid-19 has led to a dramatic change in consumer preferences and behaviour in favour of online consumption and its critical for merchants to realign to this new normal and invest in the direct to consumer trend” – Siddhant Rana, Market Development Lead, India and South Asia

Remember these suggestions and do your best to implement them in your entrepreneurial journey. Because change is the only constant thing in our lives.

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