Learn About the 5 Ways to Optimize Your Cost Per Shipment with a 3PL Platform
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Learn About the 5 Ways to Optimize Your Cost Per Shipment with a 3PL Platform

Let’s face it, your business isn’t charity. You’re running an establishment to incur profits. We know that customer satisfaction and retention are huge parts of what your eCommerce business must be all about, but at the end of the day, if you’re not profiting from your company, what is even the point of starting one? And one of the key steps to ensuring profitability in the business is to enable cost-efficiency to optimize the operational capabilities of your online business. But how do you do that when there is so much money involved in the mere shipping, packaging, fulfilment and warehousing of the goods? Of course, after a point of time, you must feel drained, both financially and mentally and physically, right?

Wrong! You can choose to outsource all these functions to the right 3PL platform that helps you optimise your cost per shipment and never comprises on the quality of how the goods are being delivered to the customers. Do you want to know how a third party logistics platform can help you maximise your profits and operational productivity?

Well, mentioned below are a few ways you can achieve the same. Continue reading to find out!

  1. Logistics Aggregator Model

3PL aggregators help the sellers to get educated about the shipping pricing by multiple courier companies and compare to choose the right one for their shipping requirements. Let us understand this with the help of a real-time example. 3PL logistics aggregator, Shiprocket offers exciting subscription plans that help the sellers to reduce their costs to a maximum. At the same time, Shiprocket also ensures to bring the pricing to you at a negotiated value (with the notable courier partners) to maximise as much profitability per shipment as possible.

  • Through The Power to Make Informed Decisions

It is important for a seller to know exactly which courier partner is the right one for their shipments, as it eventually concludes the overall shopping experience of a customer and also helps you decide the value for money. For instance, 3PL companies like Shiprocket help the seller to choose the right courier partner for a particular shipment based on the cost and efficiency for the given pickup and delivery pin code through their AI-enabled software, CORE (Courier Recommendation Engine). With the help of an automatically generated rating/score based on the data collected through lifetime shipments in our backend, the seller is educated about the pros and cons of choosing a particular courier partner from the list of 17 notable courier partners for a given shipment. This helps the seller to drive down the cost of shipping, at the same time optimize the operational capabilities of their business.

  • Knowing the Cost of Shipping Beforehand

Amid lockdown, providing transparency and clarity to the customer about the relevant shipping costs for their delivery area is important. And this objective can be achieved with the help of a 3rd part logistics brand like Shiprocket’s feature called, Shipping Rate Calculator. Shipping calculators are also useful in cases where the seller’s delivery costs vary a lot based on the delivery area or the location of the warehouse. 

A 3PL hyperlocal delivery platform can help the seller with essential and non-essential deliveries in Metros with a dynamic & same day/time defined deliveries. This ensures lesser returns and generates more sales for its sellers. The hyperlocal model works better for a 7-10kg shipment where the cost per shipment is much lesser as compared to the normal eCommerce model of deliveries.

  • Real-Time Updates

You need to have end-to-end charge of your business even when you’re outsourcing the logistical management to a 3PL company. Transparency is imperative and you need to ensure that the 3PL services you’re getting are providing Non Delivery reasons to you based on different scenarios because this will ensure that you can better coordinate with the buyers accordingly & ensure a higher chance of delivery. This ensures that you can optimize on cost per shipment.

But first, you need to get yourself registered with the kind of 3PL brand that gives you all of this and more! Go ahead, create a free website with Shiprocket Social, enlist unlimited products for free and start selling online while maximising the profits.

Because social selling doesn’t have to tough. And it won’t be – not with us!


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