Learn About 5 Key Pain Points of an eCommerce Business and How They Can Be Solved
eCommerce Business

Learn About 5 Key Pain Points of an eCommerce Business and How They Can Be Solved

Running a business is not an easy task. Being an entrepreneur is challenging because the very role expects you to run your business in a streamlined manner and generate profits. However, one can’t ignore the many pain points of running a business, whether an eCommerce or an offline one. And this blog talks about the 5 main issues that your eCommerce business may be facing, at the moment. These problems are quite common, admittedly. However, as a responsible business owner, you need to find the right ways to ensure that these problems are also being solved by someone.

Perhaps an efficient third party logistics facility?

Mentioned below are the 5 key pain points faced by the small and medium businesses of the country, and how they can easily be solved with the help of the right 3PL logistics platform. Keep reading to find out!

  1. Next-Day or Same-Day Deliveries

Amazon has enabled next-day and same-day deliveries for its sellers and customers. However, what happens with Amazon is that the seller hardly gets to keep the credit of a good sale in their pocket. The credit of an amazing shopping experience usually goes to the eCommerce giant instead.

However, this problem is easily solved with a 3PL logistics platform like Shiprocket that is working on offering hyperlocal delivery service to its sellers. With the help of an easy-to-use mobile app, the seller can accept the incoming orders from their customers and get the product delivered to them within a few hours with the help of an experienced delivery partner. This way, the seller gets to keep the credit of a good sale and experience the joys of retaining the customer.

Issues related to the damaging of goods, inappropriate packaging, weight discrepancies etc. can be real pain for the seller when shipping their products from one place to another. Damaged goods are right away added to the seller’s losses. Weight discrepancies and inappropriate packaging can lead to the goods being stuck in transit. These problems only add more oil to the already inflamed entrepreneur.

You can solve this problem for your eCommerce store by outsourcing the packaging of your products to a solutions provider that offers end-to-end automation. Shiprocket’s packaging solutions provide high-quality SKU-coded packaging that helps to reduce friction in prices due to weight discrepancy with the courier. Also, damage to the products in transit is also solved due to quality packaging and tighter control.

  • Lack of Transparency

The conventional shipping methods don’t have a lot of room for transparency, which doesn’t allow the seller to have complete control of their eCommerce operations. For offline business, we suggest that you get your operations online, as soon as possible by using a simple site builder and enlisting your products in an online catalogue to directly connect with your consumers.

For an eCommerce facility, we suggest that you outsource the shipping requirements to a logistics platform that will provide you with real-time tracking of your shipments so that you can take the required action whenever you can the moment something goes astray.

You can easily reduce the non-delivery and return rate of your products by taking help from a tech-enabled platform that specialises in doing the same for maximum cost efficiency.

A single courier partner might not be able to enable you with the widest pin code reach needed to ship your products PAN India. For the proper expansion of your eCommerce store, and if you want to ship your products to as many pin codes as possible, you need to take help from a service provider like Shiprocket that empowers you with 27,000+ pin codes PAN India.

  • Cash Flow Issues in the Business

Whether an online business or an offline one, cash flow issues can be a real pain for an entrepreneur. However, with Shiprocket’s Early COD feature, which that the money will be transferred to the bank account of the seller within 2 days of delivery of a particular shipment – your business can ensure a steady stream of cash pouring in. You can take care of the overall operations of your eCommerce facility effortlessly.

But first, you need to bring your offline business into an online setup. And for that to happen, you need to use our simple website builder – Shiprocket Social. The problems mentioned above are disastrous, but only if you don’t do anything to work them out. Considering that we have the solutions to solve your key pain points, we don’t see how social selling can’t get easy for you.


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