Is End-to-End Automation the Future of Your eCommerce Brand?
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Is End-to-End Automation the Future of Your eCommerce Brand?

There’s a solid reason why automation is trending among eCommerce players. The festive season has approached, consumers are running on an all-time high to purchase the products they fancy and most importantly, sellers have so much to manage in such a short amount of time. The objective in today’s world for such retailers is not to just build a business, but create a reputed eCommerce brand that promises high quality and an unforgettable shopping experience.

Running a business is not a walk in the park, especially during the festive times when a seller has to enable seamless operations of each function, from packaging to order fulfillment. One misstep can lead to customer dissatisfaction. So there’s no wonder that an increasing number of eCommerce sellers are relying on 3PL platforms to streamline their business processes from end-to-end.

This blog talks about the amazing facts associated with eCommerce automation and how you can make the most of this sector to create not just a business that sells and earns revenue, but give shape to an eCommerce brand that connects with its audience in the deepest way possible. Continue reading to find out more!

  1. The Rise of the Indian 3PL Inudstry

In the recent years, the Indian 3PL industry has seen a tremendous growth. The expected growth forecast lands at over 11.5% for this industry within a period of 2020-2025. This growth is predicted to be driven by eCommerce, FMCG, manufacturing and retail sectors. The role of third-party logistics brands here is to help your eCommerce brand with tasks that need further simplification, like bringing down the logistical costs and effective management of supply chain.If you think about it, our free site builder – Shiprocket Social is a third-party eCommerce store builder that helps you with easily setting up your online infrastructure (website) where your customers can shop and avail quick checkouts. For those of you who don’t want to heavily invest in an online shop, you can easily sign up with Shiprocket Social, upload unlimited products, create your free Facebook shop and start selling and delivering products across the country.

And this is exactly why any eCommerce brand is instilling its faith in automation because AI-enabled offerings make business management an easy task.

  1. Inventory Management Gets Simple

Just like how an online page builder makes it easy for any seller to bring their business online, a tech-enabled warehousing and fulfillment facility also makes it easier for the seller to manage order fulfillment.

An enterprise business can afford an efficient warehousing model. At the same time, if you’re a small seller, getting 20 orders in a day, it might not be lucrative for your business to invest in a warehouse. However, let’s not forget that the key to building an eCommerce brand starts with timely deliveries and the key to timely deliveries is through systematic management of your inventory. With products like Fulfillment by Shiprocket, you can easily administer the other aspects/functions of your business without fretting about your inventory and deliveries. Because a 3PL warehousing facility like Shiprocket Fulfillment comes with end-to-end automation that will eventually help you to optimize your cost per shipment.

  1. Easy Order Tracking

As a responsible seller who needs to get their shipments/orders to the doorstep of their customers in a timely manner, you must track the packages from start to finish. Like we said, even a single misstep will cost you the reputation of your eCommerce brand and that could result in a loss of revenue.

Therefore, it becomes important to outsource this function to an AI-powered platform that provides you with a tracking mechanism. For instance, once your become a social seller with our simple website builder – Shiprocket Social, you automatically get a Shiprocket dashboard that can help you place orders and track them once they are picked up by the delivery partner. In case your screen shows that there has been a case of non-delivery, you can take the necessary action to control the damage. Also, it becomes easier to manage returns, as well, with such an automated tracking system.

  1. Less Manpower Required

It becomes obvious that with an increase in automation throughout the several functions of your business, the need for manpower to handle things will lessen. Where you might have needed 5 people to handle the shipping of orders previously, you’ll immediately need 1 person to do so because of automatic pickups and deliveries being done by the 3PL company. If you needed 5 people to handle product packaging during the busy festive week, with a third-party packaging facility that runs on automation, you’ll now need only one person to coordinate with that agency and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

And that is how you build an eCommerce brand – you do it smartly instead of working yourself to the bone.


Yes, automation is the future of your eCommerce business. The need of the hour is for you to embrace it and utilize it the best of its abilities so that you can save the time and the money that is imperative to building a coveted, profitable business.

Sign up with our free online store builder, Shiprocket Social and get started with selling to your customers across 27,000+ pin codes PAN India and 220 countries globally, during the festive rush. Because with us, social selling is easy.


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