How Do You Add a Custom Domain Into Your Seller Account?
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How Do You Add a Custom Domain Into Your Seller Account?

There’s no such thing as free lunches, right?


When you type, create online shopping site into Google, you must see countless platforms endorsing free web store building services. You could get lured into one of those traps – we say traps because you have to pay for the upgraded features to enable a beautiful website for one of your groundbreaking business ideas. So you see how these portals advertise that you’re missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, but in reality, you’re not losing out on anything.

However, Shiprocket Social is all about free lunches. 

This online shopping website maker is truly free, with no hidden charges. Believe us – you don’t have to pay us even a cent to set up an online business. You can do all kinds of stuff with your website through Shiprocket Social. Upload custom banners, track sales, add products, create web pages, use google analytics, create a Facebook Shop and lots more.

And yes, it’s true – we allow you to add a custom domain, too. Let us understand exactly how can you add a custom domain to your Shiprocket Social Seller account.

Initial Steps Involved

  1. Click on “Website Settings” and then, click on the “Domain” button under it. 

Your current domain is provided to you by this online shopping website maker, Shiprocket Social. The objective is to add a custom domain, the one you have purchased and verified for your online business.

  • To continue the process, click on “CNAME Setup Guide”, which will direct you to a tab shown below. 

How to Add a CNAME

  1. Let’s assume that you have purchased a site domain at GoDaddy. Log in to GoDaddy Domain Manager, which is your hosting panel.
  • Suppose you own more than one domain. You will be able to see the complete list of the domains you own on this tab.
  • Now, you must click on the domain that you wish to change the nameservers for. Select the gear icon on the right-hand side, and choose “Manage DNS”.
  • Go to Settings. Then, click on “Manage” under the “Nameservers” section”.
  • Your Setup Type will be “Standard” if you haven’t changed the nameservers, yet. However, for “Custom” nameservers, choose “Custom” and then add the nameservers and finally, click on Save.

NOTE: In this case, you must add “” into the custom nameserver box.

And it’s done! The changes must reflect within the next 24 hours, at most.

To create online shopping site, you need to follow a few steps that could be a little complicated for you to handle. Nevertheless, this is our team’s way of helping you build a business that will potentially reap you lots of money. Therefore, grab this opportunity now! If your google search doesn’t say Shiprocket Social, you’re probably getting stuck into one of those traps that endorse a free web store, but demand a subscription fee the moment you start building something significant.

Remember – only with Shiprocket Social, it’s easy online selling. 


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