How can your Business Easily Connect with the Customers During the COVID-19 Times? Here’s How.
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How can your Business Easily Connect with the Customers During the COVID-19 Times? Here’s How.

The easiest way for your business to directly connect with the customers is by taking it online. That’s the ongoing trend in the current COVID-19 times and we assure you that this trend is here to stay. Offline markets are practically a no-show during these pandemic times. As an entrepreneur, the best immediate course of action is to convert your business into an eCommerce one, so that you can outsource a lot of your responsibilities to a reliable 3PL platform.

Allow us to navigate your way through this world of eCommerce, connect with your customers directly and grow your business into a proper retail brand that everybody wants to shop at. Keep reading to know more!

The first step to take your business online is by setting up a website and the same can be done effortlessly with the help of an easy-to-use site builder. For instance, Shiprocket Social allows you to create your website for free, no conditions applied. As a business owner, you can set up an online infrastructure in less than a minute and then, eventually work your way through functions like product listing, creating a Facebook shop for social selling etc.

Once you have set up a web store for your business, you can take things forward with the help of an efficient logistics solutions platform.

To avoid weight discrepancies during the shipping process, it is important that you outsource the packaging of your products to an establishment that knows it’s way around such things. For example, if you avail packaging solutions by Shiprocket, you’ll find out that it is actually very hassle-free for you as a seller o get the products delivered to the end-user. You can avail the right kind of packaging for your products in a cost-effective way, track your inventory and reduce manual effort all at the same time.

But first, you need to hurry and sign up with our free store builder right away!

The best part of outsourcing inventory management and storage of products is that you get to give an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers, without having to worry about putting everything together. For example, with the help of Shiprocket’s warehousing and fulfilment solutions, you can increase your delivery speed by up to 40% and ensure next-day deliveries. Sounds amazing, right?

What’s more, is that you can decrease your shipping costs by 20% and also decrease the RTO percentage by 5%. So yes, it’s a heap of benefits if you let someone else take care of the storage part of your business.

Go ahead – we won’t stop you from signing up with our free web store builder because this might be your best chance at resetting the way your business works.

During the national lockdown, the country saw a boom in online deliveries of groceries, medicines etc. And the best that these small kirana stores could deliver these products to the consumer was by going hyperlocal. For instance, Shiprocket’s hyperlocal deliveries are present in 14 key cities and help the seller to connect with their customers directly through an easy-to-use tech-enabled platform. The seller merely has to put out a request about getting the scheduled order delivered to the mentioned address and an experienced delivery partner will do so in the fastest, more efficient and cost-effective way possible.

It is important that you never rely on any single courier partner to get your goods delivered to the customers. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to outsource the shipping part of your business to a 3PL platform that equips you with aggregation and the right tools to decide exactly which courier partner is the right one for your shipments. This will help your brand optimise cost per shipment to a great extent.

The above-mentioned 5 ways will definitely help your business reset and grow in the post-lockdown world. You need to take the initiative and create a store as soon as possible. Because with us, social selling is easier than ever!


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