How Can Seasonal Sellers Boost Their Sales During the Festive Season?
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How Can Seasonal Sellers Boost Their Sales During the Festive Season?

Diwali is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. As for our seasonal seller community, they are even more excited about a surge in demand and an increase in sales. They get to sell products and their customers get to experience an unforgettable shopping experience. That’s the thing about the festive season – it brings joy and excitement to the lives of countless.

However, we know that there must be quite a few sellers out there selling seasonally and trying to find the best tips and tricks to boost their revenue, especially during the ongoing pandemic. With increasing unemployment and a crashing job market, people have little money to spend. They are being very selective in their choices, which implies that only the fittest will survive the festive eCommerce race. So if you’re a seller selling seasonally and looking for some pro tips to generate more revenue, this blog is for you. Learn about how to increase sales during the busy festive season. Keep reading to know more!

  1. Research the Seasonal Consumer Trends

In school, a student is taught to do their homework and as an adult seller, we advise you to do your research. It is instrumental to map the consumer trends during the festive season because without enough data, you’ll be selling pretty much anything. For instance, Shiprocket has witnessed Personal Care products (18.45%) as the top-selling category during the Diwali season, followed by food groceries (16.51%). This could very well be a golden opportunity for small and medium kirana store owners and the hyperlocal market. Also, if you own a beauty brand that sells cosmetics seasonally, you could devise effective strategies to increase sales during this time of the year.

After all, you don’t want to be selling spaghetti strainers to an audience that is looking for blingy apparel for festive Diwali puja.

  1. What is your Demand Projection?

Believe it or not, data plays a major role in shaping the sales of your business. Setting sales and growth expectations are 2 important factors that decide how well your business will do during the festive season commotion. For instance, if you’re sitting in the month of September, make sure that you have your demand projections for the month of October because as a seasonal seller, that is the peak sales time for you and your business. One of the best ways to increase sales is by devising effective plans according to the expected sales growth during the festival season. Because when you’ll know exactly by what percentage you want your revenue to increase, you’ll streamline every function (packaging, warehousing, shipping, marketing, etc.) of your business accordingly.

  1. A Tailored Marketing Plan

Seasonal sellers have a limited sales window on them, and hence, need to bring out their A-game during the festive season – not just in ensuring safe and timely deliveries but also ensuring that their marketing strategy is customized as per their brand requirements. Hence, deeply study your product, the brand value it proposes to your target audience, and use those product features and related information to flesh out amazing brand campaigns that speak of festivities and creates deep connections with the audience. One of the most effective ideas to increase sales is by offering eye-catching offers and discounts to your customers on the purchase of a certain amount of products.

And you know what? The world right now is going through a time where people are being very selective about what they want to buy. They are looking at price as a key deciding factor whilst shopping. So you need to come up with unique ways to increase sales via creative marketing campaigns.

  1. Expand Your Reach. Ship PAN India!

Lastly, we have the best tip for you on how to increase sales of a product during this time of the year – start selling PAN India and internationally. As an offline seasonal seller, it becomes tough when your business reach is geographically limited. However, once you bring your business online by creating an online store, the world is your oyster, and we mean it quite literally. You can list unlimited products on your website, attract customers, and ship orders across 27,000+ pin codes PAN India and 220 countries globally.

Speaking of creating your own eCommerce store during the festive season – let us introduce you to Shiprocket Social, your go-to site builder that enables you to start social selling for free!

As a seasonal seller who is making ends meet during the pandemic, you need to be smart about how you run your business. So get started with expanding your brand in the online world by providing an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers.

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