Free Website Builder Recommends these Easy Tips for Order Packaging!
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Free Website Builder Recommends these Easy Tips for Order Packaging!

Unboxing has become a real therapy for today’s generation. And why not? Receiving a well-awaited order on your doorstep is like accepting a birthday gift – fulfilling and joyous. So, the packaging of your shipment is not a joke anymore. It is not just a vessel that carries your product to your customer. The packaging of your shipment plays a bigger role in the success of your business than you may have ever imagined.

For example, the packaging is a crucial part of the branding process. When building a business, you don’t just create your own website, sell a product in boring, non-descript packaging and believe that your customer will be inclined to buy anything from your online eCommerce site.

Haven’t you heard about first impressions? They make a lasting impact on people. Or your customers, in this case.

Basic Guidelines for Product Packaging

Follow these guidelines mentioned below to ensure that your package doesn’t get returned or damaged in transit.

  1.  Use Bubble Wrap, Thermocol, Air Cushions, etc for inner packaging material.
  2. Use utility focused packaging including boxes or envelopes for outer packaging material. You can use a variety of boxes like Bulk Cargo, Easy-Fold Mailers, Multi-Depth, Insulated Shippers, etc.
  3. Wrap items individually with cushioning material. Try to put them in the center, away from other items and sides of the box.
  4. Paste the invoice/label on the flattest side of the package. Details on the label/invoice should be easily visible and the bar-codes should be easy to scan.

Why Size Matters?

You need to make an online store that is equipped to package its products in a customized way. Most courier companies charge on the basis of the dimensions of your shipment. The bigger the package, the higher the fee you would have to pay to make sure that your product gets delivered to your end-user in a safe manner. Hence, save your shipping cost and use that conserved money for a ticket to Bali. We have heard it’s breathtaking. At the same time, these boxes should be big enough to provide protection to your products during transit.

Why is Branded Packaging Important?

One of our eCommerce website solutions navigates you toward creating your own branded packaging. The purpose of this is to create a memorable and shareable experience for your consumers. According to a recent marketing survey, 4 out of 10 people would share an image of your product and packaging on their social media handles if they find it worthy.

Oh yes, unboxing is a real thing now.

What Do You Need for a  Branded Packaging

As the best free website builder that specializes in helping you start and grow your business, Shiprocket Social urges you to decide the elements of your packaging on the basis of your goals. What do you want to deliver and achieve with this shipment? Strategically choose just a few of these items to create an unforgettable unboxing experience for your customers.

BoxIt should not be damaged or used. You could even wrap the box in a pretty, personalized paper for the customer’s “wow” effect.

Sticker – You could stick a personalized “Thank You for Choosing Us” sticker to make the end-user feel special. Or here’s another great idea – throw in a small greeting card with a personalized message to make them feel like they have a well-wisher in you.

Promotional Material – You can include discount coupons, referral coupons, a how-to-use manual, etc inside your packet. It’s a great  initiative if you want to encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

Gifts – Once in a while, you can surprise your customers with a small gift inside the package. It can be anything that compliments your brand’s personality.

Creating a website for your business is not the only detail you need to accomplish when commencing commerce. From perfecting the product to its packaging, the entire experience must be absolutely indelible for the customer. The perfect packaging can bring new business, drive repeat customers, secure products, enhance your customer’s shopping experience and build a unique brand identity for you.

It was Mr. Steve Jobs who said, “Packaging can be theater. It can create a story.”

ShipRocket Social’s only question to you is this – what is your brand story?

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