Free Website Builder Gives 6 Tips to Create Website Content
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Free Website Builder Gives 6 Tips to Create Website Content

Content is the one-size-fits-all pants for Marketing. Or that one shade of lipstick that makes every woman in the world look like a diva? If Content were a person and lived in ancient Rome, they would have been the most powerful God ever. In other words, content is everything and there is no denying it.

For instance, free website builder, Shiprocket Social is SEO-friendly for a reason. The more content you enter into the system, the better your brand’s search engine ranking will be. Setting up your own website means that you need to fill it with products, photos, and lots and lots of content. Mentioned below are 6 most-recommended tips from Team Shiprocket Social about creating content for your business site.

1.Content Optimization
Speaking of SEO-friendly, content optimization is all about strategizing your paragraphs and words in a way that they are blended with keywords (a word or a phrase that describes the content on your page in the best way possible). For your web page content, engage in sufficient keyword research, so that whether your online shop has been designed through Wix or a free website builder like Shiprocket Social, you’ll know for a fact that optimized content will bring traction to your brand.

2. Get to Know your Audience
Why in the world would you not make an effort to get to know your audience? The people who are going to buy your product and make you money! Your online eCommerce site will reflect a sense of belonging if you will write content pertaining to their psyche, tastes, and preferences. They’ll see a well-wisher in you – someone they can relate to and hence, this will provide credibility to your brand.

3. Educate Your Audience
Believe us, your audience wants to be enlightened about the newest things associated with your brand and product.

Listen to this free website builder and take a firm mental note – don’t write fluff for your website content. Kindly do not underestimate your audience, because the one who spends money is going to reach out to a hundred different brand before stopping at yours for the final purchase. Since you know everything to everything about your product, educate your audience about it too for increased transparency.

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That’s it – easy peasy.

4. Call-to-Action Content
The function of call-to-action is to create urgency among your audience. This type of content is not supposed to be breezy. It is supposed to make your audience act on their dilemma of making the purchase or not. Here are a few examples of call-to-action content –

●Get Started
●Click here to buy now!
●Few units left. Hurry!
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Call-to-action content has a positive effect on your shop conversions. So make sure to litter the entire website with it.

5. Short and Crisp Content
The key to good website content creation is to keep it sweet, short and crisp. Even the most avid readers don’t have enough attention span for your marketing fluff and understandably so. There are a thousand other websites selling a similar variety of products online and your audience would not hesitate to switch to some other brand for a session of attention-capturing browsing/shopping if they have a better alternative.

Therefore, don’t just use this free website builder to create a website for product selling. Take notes from us and try to keep your website content minimal yet informative.

6. Visual Appeal
If you’re wondering repeatedly how to create content for website, we have another tip for you. You see, your audience will be asking you this question the minute they’ll step into your online store – where is the eye candy?

Written words are great, but reading for an elongated period of time can be monotonous, especially for somebody who is not a reading aficionado. And that is when pictures and illustrations act like the balm to your audience’s drooping eyes. Empower your online shop with pretty colours and interesting photos that keep your audience’s attention hooked.

In the Marketing universe, Content might as well be the greatest God ever. It’s time to worship it and learn how to do better. Because without content, you have no online business.

Yes, not even if you make use of our free website builder.


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