Easily Manage your eCommerce Services with Logistical Automation
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Easily Manage your eCommerce Services with Logistical Automation

We’ve been taught that machines and AI are meant to empower us with convenience.
Television, movies, and media have always shown us a side of technology, robots, and automation that is so glamorous that it makes us covet it. We watch Ironman managing his business and entire life with futuristic technology and it leaves us in awe. And you know what? Perhaps somewhere down the line, we are becoming a world brimming with advanced technology and automated ways, because we all want to live life with significant hints of luxury and ease.

Welcome to the 21st century, where creating a website for your business is like a walk in the park. We’re living in modern times that allow us to become entrepreneurs without hesitation, considering how there are sites like Wix, Instamojo, Weebly, StoreHippo, Shiprocket Social, waiting to lend a helping hand in your journey to success.

We’re living in a realm where your business demands logistical automation and you wouldn’t mind resorting to a third-party logistics provider, because you know it will help you manage your eCommerce services with ample ease. Let us understand how your online business can be managed easily with end-to-end logistical automation.

  1. Real-Time Tracking to Maintain Transparency
    The great Dalai Lama once said, A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”. But when you have complete information about your own eCommerce shop, there is no doubt that you’d have complete charge of every function happening in the business, making you feel at ease. And isn’t that the motto of automation? To make you feel at ease.

If you’re looking to nurture your eCommerce services, partnering with a third-party logistics platform is the right way to go because they provide you with real-time tracking windows that let you in on the whereabouts of your shipments, incoming orders, sales, revenue, etc. on a round-the-clock basis. From the moment an order comes through your online store to the second you schedule a shipment to the customer’s address – you have the knowledge of every movement through these real-time tracking systems.

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2. One Account for All Social Accounts
Yes, signing into different social media accounts at the same time to handle your eCommerce services can be exasperating. But that is exactly why you need automation.

When choosing an eCommerce website builder for your business, ensure that the software lets you connect all your social media handles with it to save time and effort that is put into navigating from one platform to the next. For example – Shiprocket Social lets you create and connect your Facebook shop to your Social Seller account so that every incoming order through the former gets transacted through your eCommerce service provider (website).

This variety of automation makes sure that once again, all is well in the world.

3. Automation to Ship Products to Customers
You can’t call yourself the proud owner of an online business if you’re not shipping your products to the customers in an efficacious manner. The best eCommerce sites in the market have automated their shipping to enhance the overall user experience and greater customer retention.

Our advice to you? Register yourself with a notable logistics platform and let them take care of everything. It is time that you work on nourishing your eCommerce services by automating every process of shipping at a low-cost (scheduling a pickup, communicating with the buyer, re-marketing etc.), as you sit back in relaxation and relish the perks of an automated logistics portal. For instance – you automatically become a Shiprocket seller, the minute you create a website through Shiprocket Social. This implies that you can make a recharge of as minimum as ₹200 and start shipping your products to your buyers from the confines of your office/home/or anywhere in the country. Where you must have to personally go to the courier office to get your packages delivered in time, Shiprocket will make sure that everything happens at the right time without you having to trouble yourself physically, mentally or monetarily.

Some of the top eCommerce websites are shipping with Shiprocket, currently. They must be doing something right to reach that level, mustn’t they?

So yes, it is just like the movies. Automation makes life easy and doing business even easier. And why would you want to choose the hard path anyway? When it is a matter of maintaining a high standard of your eCommerce services?

At the end of the day, don’t we all want to feel like Ironman? Even if just for one sparkling moment?


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