Discussing Youtube Marketing as a Key Tool for Your eCommerce Brand
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Discussing Youtube Marketing as a Key Tool for Your eCommerce Brand

We have repeatedly mentioned this in our blogs – social media is the key to unlocking greater and newer heights for your business. And this blog will discuss another one of the greatest social platforms on the Internet – Youtube as an instrumental tool to promote your business in front of the masses. Why do we say ‘masses’? Because Youtube hosts over 2 billion active users, as of today. There is an unlimited supply of content on this digital medium. Hence, Youtube marketing is as important as Facebook for your business to grow into a retail brand.

Having a detailed, effective Youtube marketing strategy is as important as exercising thrice a week to keep your body a well-functioning machine. Mentioned below are a few pointers-to-remember on why Youtube is such a crucial medium for your business’ promotion. Keep reading to find out more about them!

  1. One of the Biggest Active User-Base

This is a no-brainer, for sure. As we said, Youtube regularly hosts countless people on its platform so that people like you and me can create video content that engages people, and keep them hooked to it. You need to start your business’ Youtube channel today so that you can actively promote not only your products but also build an audience that you can connect with personally. And just starting one is not the objective here – you need to promote your youtube channel too. Use the appropriate hashtags, create a catchy heading and create suitable descriptions for the videos.

Also, make sure to not be too direct in your messaging. The key to good Youtube marketing is to create content that your audience can relate with. Because if they want to watch an advertisement for an aromatic soap, they’d be watching prime-time television.

  • Video Content is Trending

Video content is so popular among the masses that there may come a day in the near future when videos will be shoppable. Any brand you see, they are not only investing in creating content that is conducive to a channel like Youtube, but they are also adapting to the Youtube influencer culture, where famous people of the same medium are paid to advertise products. People have built their entire careers out of Youtube! Celebrities like Lily Singh, Komal Pandey, Srishti from Buzzfeed, Kusha Kapila etc. have come out as people who are massively followed on social media.

Clearly, Youtube marketing is way more important than you think.

  • Easily Find Your Brand on Google

You must have noticed that the chances of a video appearing on your Google search results are higher than your blog appearing on them. If you haven’t, you should try experimenting to test this theory. Google knows that its audience wants content that is easily consumable. And what can be easier than watching an interactive video on making pretty, fragrant soaps? So yes, Youtube video marketing is effective on Google, as well.

  • Use This Content Anywhere You Want

Social media is immensely versatile, especially Youtube. Once you invest in creating a Youtube brand video, feel free to post it everywhere else, including your website. This will enable the audience to click on it anywhere they see it (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.) and in return, the link will take them back to your Youtube channel. This way, you can kill 2 birds with one stone – offering engaging content to your audience, which can help increase your channel’s subscribers, and promoting your brand on a digital platform that the masses are familiar with.

Youtube marketing may not be the easiest to implement, but once it’s done, you can rest assured and reap the benefits for as long as you can remember.

So what is your key takeaway from this blog? The moral is to use every social medium in the most optimal way so that you can look at building a retail brand in a serious manner.

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If social selling is easy anywhere, it’s here!


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