Discussing the Rise of Social Media in the Times of COVID-19
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Discussing the Rise of Social Media in the Times of COVID-19

Once upon a time, your eyes were like two saucers goggled to the screen of your smartphone for the maximum chunk of your time. Then, the novel coronavirus hit us and the national lockdown got announced, which meant that we couldn’t step out of our homes anymore for the next 21 days. And your eyeballs nearly jumped out of the sockets, only to almost melt into the social network universe for good.

Our imagination may be running wild here, but what’s evident here is that social media has more power over our minds than ever. People are opting for online shopping and eCommerce is thriving. Social commerce is booming and 3PL facilities are coming up with advanced tech-enabled logistics offerings for the Direct to Consumer sellers. And in this maze of capitalism, social media platforms are living their best lives.

So, mentioned below is a brief explanation of how in the times of the pandemic, social media is having the best time of its life. Enjoy the reading ride!

  1. The Explosion of Social Commerce

According to Neilsen, due to the COVID-19 national lockdown, the social media activity elevated by 50X in early March. The number grew to 500 million social media users. Prasun Basu, South Asia Zone president of Nielsen Global Connect, told the media that, “Social media volume doubled in the same period as pantry preparation picked up significantly when social distancing and quarantining became the new norm. There was a decline in-store visits and jump in online shopping,”

Consumers want things quick and easy, and it would be amazing if your product comes with a discount offer. Social networking sites are not just places where people share their thoughts. These are worlds that provide you with the luxury to do commerce, earn revenue and grow your business into successful retail brands.

So if you’re a seller looking to expand your business and boost profits, get online and create your own website for free. You can also create your own Facebook shop with our site builder and start selling to masses across 27,000+ pin codes.

eCommerce brands are coming up with new and innovative marketing campaigns on social media. COVID-19 related hashtags are trending and therefore, brands are coming up with advertising story-lines related to the ongoing scenario.  To encourage consumers to shop online, online retailers are also publicising exciting deals and discounts to attract new customers to their websites. The social media influencer culture is empowering individuals to chase the entrepreneurship dream.

Overall, the marketing world in Social Media Land looks quite prosperous.

  • Trending Movements Affecting eCommerce

Do you remember the ‘Vocal for Local’ Movement?

Yes, that one was so powerful that India banned over 100 Chinese smartphone apps. Consumers have started to relate to the sentiment of supporting local businesses. Social media users began to share their thoughts on purchasing Indian goods over foreign. And that is how we saw #VocalforLocal trending almost everywhere, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter. Today, brands are designing their social media strategy according to these trending movements and hashtags.

This is the right opportunity for all you aspiring entrepreneurs to enter into a locally supported, commerce-conducive environment.

  • Redressal of Grievances Through Social Media Engagement

This is probably one of the most important things to look into for people who want to start an online business or already own one but want to expand their operations and touch the lives of their audience in a bigger way. If social speaking is what your brand is conducting on these platforms, social listening is what your audience is committing to as well. You need to make sure that questions are being answered. And for something like this to happen spectacularly, your customer support needs to be dedicated.

After all, online reputation is a real thing these days.

So keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, we urge you to amp up your social media campaign in the online empire. In the meanwhile, why don’t you check out Shiprocket Social, the easiest and penny-less way to create your own eCommerce store.

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