Create a Free Website with 3 New Features Into your Seller Panel!
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Create a Free Website with 3 New Features Into your Seller Panel!

First of all, welcome to Shiprocket Social, which helps you build an free eCommerce website, no condition applied. We’re in a place where all the sellers of the world are working hard to achieve ease of doing business and selling more product. We’re in a surrounding where logistics and eCommerce are required to coesxist fluidly for your business to scale. We’re living an entrepreneurial era, where dreams and social selling have got easier to accomplish. Because Shiprocket Social is helping you create a free website with a product that is empathetic and open to improvisation through its advanced technology.

So here’s the good news – your social seller panel encounters 3 new features, and you don’t have to pay for it. Want to know what those are? Well, read more to know more.

  1. Bulk Upload

Imagine if you had to do product cataloging for a 1000 products under your brand, and each enlistment had to be done separately? Sounds tedious, right? You shouldn’t have to do that; technology and automation should do the trick.

As we’ve mentioned in our how to create a website tutorial, Shiprocket Social has introduced the newest feature of ‘Bulk Upload’ so that our sellers don’t have to undergo the exhausting task of enlisting each product individually. Here’s how you can use this feature to create a free website (see below).

create online store free
  • Create your personalized CSV file, which enlists your entire product catalogue. Select ‘Bulk Upload’ under the category section, Manage Products’. Download the CSV file templates by clicking on the button ‘Download Sample Format’ and ‘Download Categories’.
  • This is what the sheets look like (see below)

Download Sample Format

Download Categories

  • Personalize the sheet by filling information related to your product catalogue and hop on to Step 2
  • Let’s upload your CSV file into your seller panel. Click on the button ‘Choose file’ to complete the process

Please Note – In the Image Upload section, click eye-catching photos of your products and upload them in the ‘Image Upload’ tab (see below). Also, you need to use the Image Response URL in the CSV file downloaded from the Bulk Upload tab previously.

  1. Payment Option

We understand that you didn’t come here to avail a free online store for your business idea, only. You’re looking for more, a bouquet of services that help you give wings to your entrepreneurial dream. To make sure that every transaction that gets done by the buyers on your D2C shopping cart remains secure, Shiprocket Social has partnered with Razorpay. Here’s how you can use this feature to create a free website.

  • Click on the ‘Register’ button to get registered with Razorpay payment gateway
  • Post-registration, enter the information mentioned in the tab below like ‘Razorpay Key ID’ and ‘Razorpay Secret’

Once all the information has been filled, please click on ‘Save’ to effectively integrate Razorpay as your official payment gateway for your business transactions

PLEASE NOTE: You can also use your existing Razorpay account to ensure effective integration with your Shiprocket Social seller panel.

  1. Coupons

And who doesn’t love coupons? Atleast your buyers do. Shiprocket Social enables you to create customized coupons for greater customer retention. Use this free site maker to keep your customers happy by giving them discounts.

  • Click on the ‘Create Coupon’ button to get started with generating your first coupon for the brand (see below)
  • Once you click on ‘Create Coupon’, you automatically get directed to ‘Add Coupon’ tab (see below)
  • Generating your first coupon is an easy process – simply add all the required details mentioned above in the tab like Coupon Name, Coupon Code, Coupon Value and more, click on ‘Submit’ and it’s done!

You see, how easy it is to use our 3 new features. Yes, that’s us, Shiprocket Social, striving to give you the best tech-enabled product in the market, making social selling easier for you and ensuring that your business gets the voice it deserves.

Create a free website with Shiprcket Social now, because with us, it’s no conditions applied. 

Create your social shop
Create your social shop

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