COVID-19 Update – Top 2 Ways for you to Ship Essential Goods Today!
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COVID-19 Update – Top 2 Ways for you to Ship Essential Goods Today!

Products like masks, sanitizers, groceries, medicines and food are special in today’s times when the entire nation is under lockdown. These are titled as essential goods that are allowed movement across geographical boundaries. And we have been saying this repeatedly to our sellers – if you have an eCommerce business and you’re not shipping these essentials right now, then you’re losing out on a lot of business and mostly, a new revenue stream altogether. Creating an online store and product cataloguing is the only way to go right now.

This pandemic time is your moment of the hour. Allow us to help you make it yours by introducing you to the top 2 ways in which you can ship essential goods to your customers today. Check them out!

  1. Hyperlocal Delivery

This is the ongoing eCommerce and logistics trend for a lot of companies and customers today – whether for essential or non essential goods – but hyperlocal is here to stay for the longest time, it seems. And why would it not rank on top of the charts? Hyperlocal delivery service has all the merits that are imperative to completing a delivery task with the greatest efficiency.

  • Lesser time is taken to deliver a product. Hyperlocal is mostly famous for same-day deliveries
  • The cost of to accomplish a delivery task is lesser comparatively
  • Every delivery happens through an experienced delivery partner
  • You can upload products on an online platform with the help of user-friendly technology and accept orders from your customers easily
  • And it only adds to the mist of merits when one realises that there are no volumetric restrictions or an extra charge on return orders

Sounds wonderful, right? That’s why we urge you to go ahead, create a free website through our easy-to-use website building tool, Shiprocket Social – upload a list of essential goods on the store and start accepting orders so that we can make you money by accomplishing last-mile deliveries through our hyperlocal delivery services.

If you want to know more about how to use our hyperlocal services, please click here.

If your customers are settled across geographical borders in the country and you need to deliver essentials to them, allow us to sweep into the picture and make things easier for you.

  • Ship products with as many as 17 expert courier partners such as FedEx, BlueDart, DHL, Delhivery, Gati, Shadowfax etc.
  • Get guidance on which courier partner is the best for a particular shipping task through our user-friendly technology
  • Ship essential goods across 26,000+ pin codes PAN India
  • Experience the ease of scheduling automatic pickups and deliveries
  • Collect your customer’s feedback post the completion of a delivery task
  • Easily accept COD orders and returns
  • Take help from a dedicated customer support team

And you were wondering why we were beckoning you to continue doing business under lockdown – that’s because even though a lot of businesses are suffering right now, your business doesn’t have to suffer. You can take charge of the situation, connect with your customers directly, accept orders from them and get them delivered to their doorstep with a little help from us. If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late for your business even now. All you have to do is take the first step.

Because even in the times of COVID-19 pandemic, it is our job to make your shipping experiences delightful.

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