Check Out the Top D2C Trends During Festive Season 2020!
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Check Out the Top D2C Trends During Festive Season 2020!

The festive times this year have approached us with a differentiating edge, mostly because of the ongoing pandemic. The coronavirus has not only changed the way we live but has also transformed the way our sellers run their businesses, and the consumers spend their money on products. The D2C market has undergone a revolutionary revision and this blog is going to talk about what are some of the major shifts that Shiprocket recently discovered during the festive times.

If you’re a seller who wants to study the changing consumer behavior during these sweeping celebratory times to boost your revenue and grow your eCommerce business – you need to keep reading what we have in store for you to know more!

  1. An Increase in New Sellers from Tier 3 Cities

During the initial phase of the novel coronavirus, experts had figured out that the D2C segment will see an increase in sellers coming from Tier 2 cities, some of the reasons for which were reverse migration and growing seepage of social selling into the system. During the festive season, Shiprocket saw a completely new trend altogether pertaining to Tier 3 cities. New sellers from Tier 3 cities accounted for 27.86% as compared to sellers coming from Tier 2 cities (25.46%). This implies that a well-connected logistics and eCommerce network is starting to build even in cities that previously had minimum access to online marketplaces.

If you’re a seller sitting in a Tier 3 city and want to start your own D2C business during the busy festive season, you need to hurry and create your own free website with Shiprocket Social, our free of cost website builder that allows you to begin your journey as an online seller in the most efficient way possible. Shiprocket Social is all about putting in the least amount of investment to start social selling at the same time enabling a boost in sales, especially during this time of the year.

  1. An Increase in Prepaid Transactions

Repeatedly, the key trend regarding payments when online shopping in India has been the same – Cash on Delivery has been at the forefront of the D2C sector. However, the pandemic has led to a shift in the behavior of the consumer, even in terms of what mode of payment people use whilst shopping from their favorite brands. Shiprocket noted that there was a decline in COD transactions (47.44%) during festive season 2020 as compared to prepaid transactions (52.56%).

Speaking of prepaid transactions, did you know that with Shiprocket Social, you can create your own eCommerce site and integrate expert payment gateways like Razorpay and PayU for faster, secure transactions for your customers?

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  1. Trending Products During the Festive Rush

As an online entrepreneur – you must know about the top products that are trending in the D2C space among your target customers during the festive season’s rush. Shiprocket’s recently release festive report revealed that the top product categories being sold during this time of year were the following – personal care (18.45%), food groceries (16.51%), and apparels (15.09%). This calls for an opening for the hyperlocal delivery space as sellers can make the most of the above-mentioned data to make seamless same-day deliveries of food groceries.

As for the trending products during this celebratory time, Shiprocket noticed that those were the following – a respirator mask, Hammer of Thor tablets, onion hair oil, onion shampoo, and personalized QR code. In a nutshell, to increase your social media sales or website sales, you must keep a note of what your target audience wants to spend their money on to ensure a boost of revenue and a stronger online brand presence.

  1. Popular Sales Channels

Some of the top eCommerce companies make sure to analyze the sales channels where the crowd is preferring to shop. So allow us to enlighten you about the trending sales channels during this year’s festival season. Online store marketplaces like, Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, etc. account for 35.19% of sellers, and Social media accounts for 32.75% of sellers.

And now that we’re talking about social media as a popular sales channel during the festival rush, we recommend you to create your own Facebook shop with Shiprocket Social. Connect your D2C website with your Facebook shop and start social selling to a vast number of people in seconds!


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