5 Ways the Logistics Industry has Evolved in 2019
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5 Ways the Logistics Industry has Evolved in 2019

2019 has been a great year for the logistics industry. The previous year has witnessed astounding innovations to enable efficient last-mile deliveries and has taken a few steps further towards a well-connected logistical network. A year renowned for advancement in logistics management – mentioned below are the 5 ways in which the logistics industry has evolved in the year 2019.

  1. Hyperlocal Deliveries

2019 was the Godfather year for the hyperlocal space. Numerous brands managed to enter the industry that promised same-day deliveries in a cost-effective way, hence, seeing a surge in local demand and small sellers being able to fulfil it.

The penetration of hyperlocal deliveries has been noticed in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, where logistics is well-managed. The idea is to encourage the consumer to order a pair of jeans from their nearest apparel store, or perhaps a box of chocolates from their nearest grocery store, and the experienced delivery partner will deliver the same to the buyer’s doorstep in a couple of hours.

The most important angle to look at pertaining to the evolution of logistics is in terms of the consumer’s expectations in terms of the time taken to complete a delivery task. And third party logistics companies are only adding to the competition by joining the hyperlocal delivery club.

It is instrumental to know that the customer’s buyer journey doesn’t end the minute they place an order on your online store. The seller must also take care of the post-purchase experience, which is responsible for customer retention. And this is exactly why omnichannel logistics platforms are akin to smart logistics – promising to do route planning, prevent non-deliveries through optimum utilization of technology and data.

  • Customized Premium Deliveries

Another wonderful innovation in the logistics business – 2019 also saw the surfacing of a kind of experiential delivery for premium products, where the delivery executive is sent to the home of the customer to host a demonstration session about the scheduled order’s (product) features and its operational functions.

  • OTP Verified Deliveries

This innovative method is helping eCommerce and logistics companies to separate real customers from fake ones. Customer verification beforehand strengthens your customer database, and eventually gives you deeper insights about them. OTP verified deliveries are helpful, especially in the times of COVID-19 – when it is imperative that everybody practices social distancing to mitigate the fears of the pandemic. OTP verified deliveries are cost-effective, save a lot of time and lead to business expansion.

Many shipping and logistics companies have already aggressively undertaken OTP verified deliveries to enable efficient last-mile deliveries.

  • Validation of Addresses Through Mobile Numbers

This approach allows the phone number through which the order has been placed to be validated figures for contact information. The mentioned address helps in populating the GPS-coordinates across Tier 3 and 4 cities as well as rural areas since there is a lack of verifiable data over there. This logistical evolution has helped to strengthen to customer directory of numerous eCommerce companies – even for the infrastructure of remote areas.

However, never forget that the first step towards building a well-equipped and well-connected infrastructure for eCommerce and logistics, you must have a website through which you can sell your products to the customers. Without an online store, you cannot hope to begin your journey into this world. So, take our advice, take your business eCommerce – create a free website with Shiprocket Social and make social selling easy for yourself.

Because when we knock on your doorstep with an update the next time, we want you to be happy selling!

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