5 Tips for Successful Online Marketing
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5 Tips for Successful Online Marketing

Marketing – a term that might not be heavy enough to justify the weight, responsibility, and effectiveness it carries. If you’re someone with a thousand protestations against marketing, hovering on the tip of their tongue, don’t put the effort into wasting your breath. Because marketing is omnipresent.

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” – Henry Ford

If you’ve just created a free eCommerce site for your online business idea, you have to ensure that your product reaches your target audience through mass communication. After all, you’re in it to make money, right?

There are countless ways to market your free eCommerce store. Our world is a sea of advertisement visuals, content, pop-ups and so much more. You can’t possibly sit through the night to learn about every single trick in the marketing booklet. There’s just too many!

However, Team Shiprocket Social has curated a list of top 5 tips for successful online marketing. Have a look to find out.

  1. Where is your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing is when you send a promotional message to your target audience through email. A single email campaign by your company can be framed in multiple ways – one of those being sending across personalized emails to your customers. Your email must be visually appealing because, in an ocean of companies popping out emails to the customer base almost every day, the chances of your email being discovered, opened and read by the email account holder will decrease if it doesn’t look like a million bucks.

Things like a catchy subject line, relevant content, time and days of sending out these emails – should be key aspects to work on when forming your company’s email marketing strategy.

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2. What about your Facebook Email Login Credentials?

Almost half the world is surfing through their Facebook newsfeed. People are addicted to this social media platform. And for companies that want to make tons of money? Facebook has become a marketing island, where every next post is basically a product advertisement.

You can advertise your product through your Facebook business account in an organic (unpaid) way, at the same time taking the inorganic (paid) route. Engage your audience with a bunch of video and photo series that talk about your product, brand and more. Put aside an expense that pays to boost your posts, because, without something like this, your audience may not be able to learn about what you’re selling.

On top of this, create your own Facebook shop through your Shiprocket Social account to start selling.

3. Do you know about Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is newer than Facebook in social media rink. However, at the same time, it has over 500 million monthly active users. This is not shocking though. We see thousands of girls and boys endorsing countless brands, earning more money than ever and acquiring a heavy following on their accounts. Moreover, according to an article by Big Commerce, “Instagram engagement rates are 58% higher than Facebook’s and 2000% higher than Twitter’s.” Then, why wouldn’t you use this form of mass communication to grow your business?

You could hire an influencer for your brand – someone with a huge following and with their brilliant advertising skills, bring awareness about your product among your target audience. 

Or perhaps publicize the inner workings of your company? How your product was made? What is your brand’s vision? This assortment of social media campaigns sells like hotcakes.

4. Are you Creating Enough Content?

This isn’t hotel management, buddy. You’ve started an online business and it requires an unbelievable amount of content about your brand and product on the Internet. When you make eCommerce website for your online business, it’s important to come forth with a vision that has a smart content strategy set in place. This will help to uplift the search engine ranking of your website.

Develop a blog page for your web store, post guest blogs about your product on other blogging sites, answer questions related to your product on Quora and Reddit and most significantly, flood the internet with SEO friendly content.

Because without content, there exists no marketing, dear friend. 

5. How’s Youtube-ing Going for You?

Allow us to bombard you with a few fun facts about Youtube. Here’s a shoutout to Brandwatch for helping us with this fascinating list mentioned below!

  • 1.9 billion monthly users
  • Launched in over 91 countries
  • Second largest search engine after Google
  • A billion hours of Youtube videos are watched in a day

Shocking, right? Not as much as you not investing time in creating videos related to your brand and product. Team Shiprocket Social thinks that it’s time for you to start doing so, ASAP.

Marketing, marketing, marketing – that should be your sole mantra to cash in on your online business. Your free eCommerce store with Shiprocket Social, coupled with you implementing these tried and tested marketing tips, we assure you that your business will have a bright future ahead.



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