5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Important
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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is Important

Last night, you were struck with an entrepreneurial inspiration, so compelling that you browsed through the corridors of Wix website, search-engined the living daylights out of that business idea, talked to a few people about whether you would succeed as a business person or not, and then finally, gave up on it entirely. Because to you, entrepreneurship is not worthy enough – it is a risky business (pun intended) and you are fairly comfortable with working a desk job on a fixed salary. Setting up your own seller online shop is treacherous waters; there is too much to do and not enough money for everything you’ve planned.

Oh well – with Shiprocket Social, you can make a website for free on Google. So the problem of setting up a low-cost online infrastructure is solved for you, right there!

Or you can also take help from the Wix website; although that’s not free. Those guys charge you money.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor records Entrepreneurial Intentions Rate (percentage of 18-64 population with an intention to start a business within the next 3 years) to be 20.64 in 2018. And for Team Shiprocket Social, it’s all about giving you that gentle push toward social entrepreneurship. We plan to do our bit by educating you about the 5 reasons why entrepreneurship is so important. So if your thinking is running along the same lines as us, you must continue reading this piece for more information.

  1. Economic Growth

Entrepreneurship is at the core of our nation’s economic development. Multiple types of entrepreneurship are ensuring the production of goods and services, which are further being used internally by the people of this country. Consequently, our dependence on imports is declining, therefore, strengthening the economy. For example, entrepreneurial establishment, Shiprocket Social is lending a helping hand to aspiring entrepreneurs, who will eventually build a business that will pump fuel to the national economy.

In other words, whether you create your online store through Shiprocket Social or Wix website – what’s not going to change is the fact that you will bear the opportunity to positively affect the Indian economy by starting your own eCommerce business.

2. Innovation

Entrepreneurship encourages innovative transformation. And it could be any kind of innovation – a technological breakthrough, a manufacturing revolution, and much more. For instance, in the world of women entrepreneurs, Falguni Nayar is an esteemed name, which has broken barriers in the world of cosmetics and fashion by launching a beauty aggregation platform called, Nykaa.

You too can be a part of this social change era, where everybody is striving hard to give an effectual push to commercialization for the better.

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3. National Income

Different eCommerce websites entering the online business game are creating new wealth, as opposed to those already existing businesses that must have hit their saturation level. Also, just look at all the employment that is being generated by these entrepreneurs. An increase in the national employment rate is pertinent to the tax revenue that the country receives. Further, this revenue would be used by the government to nurture other national sectors that require development, such as human resources, education, agriculture, infrastructure etc.

4. Social Change

As we said, the introduction of the Wix website, Weebly, Google Sites, Shiprocket Social, etc. into the system of online selling have empowered multiple aspiring entrepreneurs to build their own legacies and reduce their reliance on working for someone else within a fixed remuneration. Similarly, there are countless other entrepreneurs bringing a social change into the community by donating their earnings to charities for the underprivileged and producing goods and services that may touch the lives of those they co-exist with.

5. Quality of Life 

When you create business website free through Shiprocket Social and start selling online on multiple platforms such as, Facebook and more, you may see the start of something that may increase your income and with it, witness an enhancement in the quality of your lifestyle.

With more disposable income in your pocket, you will consume more goods and services, add positively to the economy and feel the lavishness that comes with a better quality of life.

In other words – why would you not want to take the road of entrepreneurship when you and your family have a fair chance of living the best life ever?

Entrepreneurship is a risk-job, but we can’t disagree with how liberating the very idea of owning a business seems. So here’s a question for all of you who are too scared to take the first step towards starting their own business

Don’t you wish to be the master of your own fate?


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