5 Content Tips for your Brand’s Internet Marketing
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5 Content Tips for your Brand’s Internet Marketing

A few years back, content was just another one of those things you hardly thought about in your daily lives. It was insignificant and people could hardly forecast the massive importance of content in today’s world. Because today, content is superlatively crucial, not just to express your opinions but also to promote your brand. Internet marketing comprises mainly of content – whether good or bad – and people are not stopping anytime soon at its rapid consumption.

Yes, we know that not every seller owning an eCommerce brand will be a marketing savvy. But you know what? You don’t have to hire an agency to fetch the most effective internet marketing services for your business. You just need to start reading informative blogs about brand promotion and content creation to ace the game.

Well, you’re in luck today because we have got 5 amazing content tips for you that will definitely help strengthen your brand’s online presence. You can see them mentioned below for your reference, so keep reading to find out more!

  • Build a Blog

Blog writing is an integral part of any business’ digital marketing campaign and it should be one for yours too. For example, look at us – Shiprocket Social – we have an organized content team for the promotions of our brand that make sure that fresh, educational content is updated on the website’s blog page every week.

Why do you think it is an important internet marketing tip for your retail brand?

It’s simple. The more content you write, the easier it is for Google to rank your website higher in the search results. Also, any blog you write must be shared across your target audience through different channels, such as, social media, emails, push notifications etc. This helps to create brand awareness among the people you wish to reach. Also, make sure to insert enough appropriate keywords into your blog piece to enable those higher rankings on Google.

Your blog could be about anything related to your product and your brand. Although, you don’t have to outrightly promote your services/products in those blogs, because your audience isn’t reading those pieces to know more about the product you’re selling. They want to absorb as much information as they can.

So yes, your online campaign should be more about sharing free information, instead of blatantly publicising the product you’re selling.

  • Online Press Release Circulation

This is one of those tips for pro internet marketing that is easy yet tricky to conduct. To execute this one successfully, you need to understand what your target audience consists and what they might read. Moreover, to accomplish press release circulation to the fullest, a seller must outsource such activities to a PR agency that is well-connected with almost all the media houses in the country and can spread the word about your business quite perfectly. Press release circulation on several online forums will help you with your brand reputation management that is such a key part of brand-building.

Also, this will help to keep away all the fake news that might get around about your retail brand on the internet.

  • Create Video Content

Asia Pacific has recorded the highest number of video content viewers in 2019 and 2020 (Source – Hearst Bay Area). The numbers are projected to be the highest for the people living in this geography even in the coming years. So what do you do about this trend as a social seller? You capitalise on it and make an internet marketing plan that comprises adequate amount of videos for people to watch.

These videos must not be long, though. You must not create 10 minutes videos every time you want to post one on your social media. People are not looking to invest so much of their time on your brand. This may seem like an online marketing challenge to you but the fact of the matter is that your audience wants content that is easy and quick to consume.

So, why don’t you try starting with 60-seconds brand videos?

  • Join an Online Community for Brand Engagement

Online communities like, Quora, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, Facebook Community pages are relevant to building discussions not only around your brand but also around your business vertical. Such variety of platforms can help you create demand around your services/products by sharing awareness about them and how they can add value to your audience’s lives.

So another one of our internet marketing tips is this – go ahead and start making conversations about your product line on such public forum platforms. The more people engage with your opinions, the more they are likely to visit your website to take a look at what you are selling.

  • Infographics

You know what is better than reading written information?

Reading graphic information!

Infographics have a way of making people pause and look at the graphic information presented in front of them. The vibrant colours and the illustrations tend to grab people’s attention. And that’s what you need to do to excel your brand’s internet marketing game.

So here’s what you can do – try presenting the same information in an infographic format. We’re sure that the post engagement on your social media will be higher.

For more such content marketing tips and easy social selling tricks, keep reading our blogs on Shiprocket Social, your go-to free website building tool that helps you create an eCommerce store without charging even a single penny.

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