5 Amazing Benefits of a Free eCommerce Website
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5 Amazing Benefits of a Free eCommerce Website

We live in a capitalist universe.

We coexist in a realm where a bowl of deep-fried spiraled noodles mixed with minuscule dollops of frozen, fake vegetables are considered healthy and a thing of our happy childhood. But hey – those noodles are selling like they cost nothing; the makers of this product are happy; you are happy and today, it seems to be a win-win scenario.

However, there’s something you should know here – the only way this will truly be a win-win situation is when you will make use of the best free website builder to start your own online business. Because if the noodle-man could fill his pockets with tons of money by selling you this entrepreneurial idea, Team Shiprocket Social believes that you can too.

This blog is exactly all the reasons why you should hop aboard the free eCommerce website bandwagon and start selling. Mentioned below are a few amazing benefits of using Shiprocket Social for your social selling needs.

  1. Free Website Development
    Who doesn’t like free stuff?

To top it off, Shiprocket Social is a free online store that lets you create your own online shop with no hidden charges. Imagine letting go of the nuisance that is getting your business website developed by a professional web developer, who will potentially charge you a fortune. Why in the world would you want to do that to yourself? When you already have a professional software doing the same for free?

Let’s act smartly here, dear friend…

create online store free

2. Free eCommerce Website
We’ve been saying this to you since the start. But we’ll tell you again –

Shiprocket Social is an online store builder and a platform that lets you sell products for free. As soon as you complete the steps to create your store, you can engage in product-listing and track sales/incoming orders through this software.
At the same time, please do not forget that you must market your products to expand their reach to your target audience. If you won’t tell anyone about your product, how would they know where to buy it?

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3. Social Selling on Facebook
Creating a website for your business and selling only through it is not the endgame here though. We want you to sell on multiple channels for profit maximization.

For instance, Facebook has over 2 billion users today. It is one of the largest eCommerce open marketplaces across the globe. The opportunity to reach out to countless people lies here. And for this, this eCommerce website builder is providing you with a tool to create your own Facebook shop.

Connect your Facebook account with your Shiprocket Social account, create your Facebook shop with a few clicks of your mouse, and there you go – now, you can start selling here, too!

4. Website Personalization for Branding
Shiprocket Social helps you make your own website whilst shaping a brand identity by ensuring that it is personalized from end to end. Our platform wishes to be the agent for your brand’s impending greatness.

You can create your own web pages, upload personalized marketing banners with your brand logo flashing on them, connect your social media handles with the web store and add a custom domain to bring solid recognition to the label. All you have to do is sign up with this eCommerce website builder to bask in the imminent glory.

5. Low-Cost Shipping
Remember – Shipping is one of the most important aspects of your online business and must be handled with care.

Luckily for you, Shiprocket Social has an equipped set of eCommerce website solutions, one of which is to automatically connect you with Shiprocket, so that you can get access to the benefit of low-cost shipping from as much as 17 expert courier partners for timely delivery to your customers.

Through your Shiprocket seller account, you can also track your shipments on a real-time basis (from the pickup to the last-mile delivery), so that you always stay in charge of the incoming orders.

Does anything else sound better than that to you, right now?

So, what do you take away from this blog?

Perhaps that if you’re looking to start your own online business, using free eCommerce website, Shiprocket Social might be the best course of action for your entrepreneurial project.

After all, with us, it’s easy selling!

Create your social shop
Create your social shop

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