4 Ways to Promote your Business Digitally in these Pandemic Times
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4 Ways to Promote your Business Digitally in these Pandemic Times

Considering that you’re living in this pandemic-struck world, your business must have got the living daylights startled out of itself. The world is not the same anymore. The new normal comprises scarcity of offline retail and a solid emphasis on eCommerce.

We’re sure that this variety of change must have compelled you to shift your business operations from offline to online, a move that must have also coerced you to think frequently about how to promote your business on the Internet in the times of COVID-19.

The rise of online selling has been revolutionary, so much that today it has become absolutely competitive and cutthroat. Countless brands are using social media as the perfect tool for brand marketing and each one is working towards topping its competitors and acquiring as many customers as possible. Team Shiprocket Social believes that it is time for you to learn about the 4 key ways to advertise your business in the times of the novel coronavirus. Keep reading to find out!

  1. Dedicated Promotion on Social Media

The moment the governments in several countries across the globe announced national lockdowns induced by the COVID-19 scenario, people started feeding themselves eye-opening doses of social media from the comfort of their homes. People started engaging with more issues, brands and products, hence playing a vital role in the demand surge for online deliveries.

One of the ways to advertise your business on social media is to simply know that you need to be consistent in your posts, stories and disseminating information related to your brand. These posts could be about your product/service catalogue, or perhaps about the industry your business belongs with. Promote your business in a way that people never forget about it. The second they open their social media feeds, they have something to recall from one of your interactive posts made through your business account.

  • Working on Online Visibility

Your business needs to stay on the radar of your audience. You need to understand that there are a hundred other notable brands selling the same product as you, and it is important that your brand’s online presence is strong enough for customers to actually hear what you have to share. Marketing your brand is all about working on SEO-friendly content for better search results on the Internet, churning out content related to PR and the media for those people who have a knack for journalism and reading insightful articles.

Adding to this, you can also promote your business by ensuring that the content on your mobile app is optimized for greater visibility, you’re engaging in online public forum platforms like Quora, and improving the overall user experience of your online store.

  • Instilling Trust Among Your Audience

Coronavirus has induced a lot of uncertainty and panic among the people. The fact that hundreds of people are getting infected from the novel disease is not helping the people get over the panic and the distress. In these tough times, you need to make sure that your brand is the anchor holding your audience back from that same variety of uncertainty and fear. You need to instil faith and trust in your brand through your content on social platforms. For instance, to promote your business you can start posting real-time photos of your team following the sanitation regulations to mitigate the fears of COVID-19. Or you can promote your business online by discussing the reforms that businesses must implement to ensure safety against the virus.

  • Building Relationships through Online Reputation Management

As a business owner working towards serving the community, you need to practice empathy towards your audience. If they are wronged, you need to promote your business by taking responsibility for your actions. Social media is a good medium to address the grievances of your customers. And for this to happen effectively, you need to be quick in your replies, because nobody likes the waiting game.

But as we have been saying this the beginning of this blog series, you need to set-up an online infrastructure first, before actually marketing it. If you aren’t implementing the online way of doing business in these pandemic times, you are missing out on a lot of revenue. So why don’t you go ahead and create a free website for your online business?

Start social selling with Shiprocket Social, because, with us, it’s easy business.


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