4 Ways Push Notifications are the Perfect Marketing Tool for your Online Business
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4 Ways Push Notifications are the Perfect Marketing Tool for your Online Business

No matter how amazing your product is, it won’t sell without you promoting it on a platform where the masses hear. There’s so much competition out there and so many products being sold by countless vendors. Social media has made it possible for every seller to expand their business in the digital world. So what do you do to enable the expansion of your store? How do you turn it into a brand that people value and want to spend their money on? Especially in an economy where the purchasing power of the common man is weaker than before.

You market your eCommerce business in the best way possible. And this blog is here to help you understand the importance of push notifications to strengthen your online brand presence. But first, let’s understand what a push notification is exactly.


So, here’s the deal – you must have downloaded quite a few apps on your mobile phone. The app notifications that you get now and then as you scroll down the newsfeed of your phone is what one calls push notifications. These are the perfect tool to market your brand and convert your free users into paid ones. These notifications are usually sent out on a drip basis, i.e. every day or every two days as per the marketing strategy of an online brand.

Considering that the festive season is here, let’s talk about how you can use these web notifications to your advantage to promote your eCommerce shop to your target audience. Scroll down to read more!

  1. Increased Conversion Rate

A consumer’s buying journey is tricky. Let’s take an example to understand the complexity of a customer’s buying experience. If you own an app that sells high-end fashion apparel, you target audience is likely to browse through the catalogue at its own sweet time, appreciate the beautiful clothing displayed on the screen and then tap out of the online store after a while. What push notifications will do for you is increase the chances of converting this idle window shopper into a paid customer.

However, at the same time, you must know that the content of these mobile push notifications has to be catchy enough so that your audience is compelled to click on the banner that will direct them to your app.

  1. Harness a Brand Voice

Push notifications enable you to build content that can narrate the story of your brand. This way, your audience will start to comprehend what values your organization stands for. The catchier your push content, the better you tell your story to the people your are targeting. Therefore, use these push SMS to the most of your benefit so that each time it buzzes on the phones of your users, they feel even more connected to your product and brand.

  1. Filter the Genuine Users

You will always find two kinds of people under the umbrella of your target audience –

  • The people who will happily click away on your push notifications and buy your products (paid users)
  • The people who will hardly ever buy anything from your online store (window shoppers)

An android push notification allows you to do market segmentation better. The more you indulge in this marketing initiative, the more you will be able to filter the users who are actually interested in buying from you, and those who have to be pushed more to spend their money on your business. This way, you’ll start drafting different content for different kinds of users.

This is called studying your customers to the perfection, in a way that you start understanding their buying habits and eventually, use content to create demand in the market for your products.

  1. Better User Engagement

The key to studying the success rate of your push notifications is to map the click rate. When we say that your content has to be eye-catching, that is because your target audience will only get engaged with your brand if your content connects with them. And if it doesn’t, that means that you need to change your content strategy to ensure that you keep your audience engaged.

It’s like asking your audience to be your best friend. They might not want to humor you or your products, but you’ll have to keep sending them push messages to ensure that they deeply connect with your brand to enable business expansion.

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Make social selling easy for your business, because this festive season, you deserve it!


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