4 Ways Electronic Commerce is Booming in the Times of COVID-19
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4 Ways Electronic Commerce is Booming in the Times of COVID-19

Social distancing has rendered the global economy at a standstill. The one to blame is the COVID-19 or coronavirus scare all across the world. People are self-quaratining themselves, wearing masks and emptying bottles of sanitizers like their lives depend on it. Retail businesses are suffering, the stock market is floating in a depressing place and now more than ever, we’re witnessing a silence in the neighborhood like never before.

Enters electronic commerce, the only way of business that is on the boom right now.

To implement social distancing as much as possible, people are keeping from the outdoors and managing to stay indoors throughout the course of their days. At the same time, people are making the most of Internet, getting lured by eCommerce marketing on social channels and filling items in their shopping carts. Don’t you think that it’s time for you to get aboard the online business train? Well, mentioned below are a few ways you can plug in that Internet connection and start selling online in no time!

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  1. Make your Website

The first thing to do is to create a branded website that helps your audience to get to a place where they can start transacting. And where else will they shop your products if not on your own website? And you know what? In today’s time, you don’t even have to hire a website developer to get the job done. You have got a free website builder like Shiprocket Social that will help you create a personalized website with countless features such as sales tracking, bulk upload, adding a custom domain, creating a Facebook shop, payment gateway, Google analytics, coupon codes etc.

Yes, all for free!

  • Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and More!

Everybody is on social media right now. Even the audience you’re targeting, as of yet. One of the most important things about going electronic commerce is that this isn’t limited to creating your own website only. You have got your social channels such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn that play a huge role in observing whether you are able to reach your audience in the right way or not. So, if you don’t have business accounts on these mediums, then you’re missing out on a lot of juicy business right there.

After all, your competition, some of the top eCommerce sites are interacting and engaging with their audience to attract business – now more than ever.

If you’re really looking to practice social distancing whilst making the most of it, we believe it’s time for you to start posting about your brand on these above-mentioned channels.

  • Quora

Well, what can we say? Quora website is amazing. People from all walks of life coming together and chatting and discussing things on a public, online forum – yes, this is exactly what your business needs at the moment. If you can’t go out and talk about your business in front of a bunch of people then you can converse about your brand in front of a new online group that is already talking about your industry or product.

You can come up with new topics related to your brand, product catalog, market and industry. You can let your audience know that your immaculate service will help them through these severe times of COVID-19. And that’s about it – you’ve championed the electronic commerce game a fair bit.

  • Google

And finally – lo and behold the father of eCommerce SEO – Google!

To attract business and new customers, your business needs to co-work with Google. Thanks to Shiprocket Social’s SEO-friendly website building software, you can enable yourself to come in the top ranks easily. However, it is also important for you to manage paid ad campaigns. Allot a daily budget for your Google ad campaigns and work on SEO content for your website to perform better. And we’re sure with these tips, you’d be able to wing electronic commerce in no amount of time.

The fears of coronavirus are creating a world that are empowering us to come together and practice social distancing to keep ourselves and everyone else safe. However, the business needs to run and it’s time that you start using the online universe to create a brand that is trusted by your customers.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, get your free eCommerce website now with Shiprocket Social and make social selling easier for yourself.

Create your social shop
Create your social shop

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