4 Simple Steps to Write a Good SEO Blog for your eCommerce Brand
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4 Simple Steps to Write a Good SEO Blog for your eCommerce Brand

When we think of writing a blog, we think of creativity. Expressing one’s thoughts is a form of art and blog writing is one of the most coveted arts in today’s world, where the Internet and content are superlative. But what happens when a blog becomes an SEO-friendly piece of content? Then, it becomes science. There are a lot of keywords involved, proper language, and lots more to think about before you publish a blog on your eCommerce website. Because an effective SEO blog is a blend of creativity and technicality.

Blog writing is an equally important aspect of digital marketing because it helps fortify your online brand presence in an organic way. This implies that you don’t have to pay for these promotions. And if you’re running on a tight marketing budget, with slim chances of investing in inorganic (paid) marketing, this guide to writing an SEO blog is for you. Learn about the tips and tricks that are implemented by writers who write some of the best SEO blogs on the Internet. For more, continue reading!

  1. Research the Right Keywords

Like we said, writing an SEO blog is nothing short of science. And you can’t miss the keywords essentially because they help your piece rank higher on the search engine when people look for your product, brand, or anything related to your industry. So, what you need to do is strengthen your keyword research. Here is one of the best SEO writing tips for you –  use a good keyword research tool, perhaps Google’s keyword planner, search for your topic that you are currently writing about, and filter a list of keywords that are being searched the most by your target audience.

You need to ask yourself this question – what is your target audience searching for on a search engine platform like Google? How many people are searching for this topic? If you’ve got your answers to these 2 questions, it will be easier for you to do your research and start writing the blog that you wish to produce.

  • Usage of Bullets, Numbers, and Headings

Do you know why video content is trending all over social media? This is because people don’t have the time and the effort to invest in reading an SEO blog – regardless of the quality of content. So what do you do in this scenario? Do you stop writing blogs altogether?

Well, not really. As we said, these SEO content writing tips are being shared with you because it is crucial to decorate your brand with as much informative content as you can. So what you really need to do is make your piece interesting enough, so that people start showing interest in reading it. Putting bullets, boldened headings, and numbering those headings in your content are some pro tips to simplify the reading process for your target audience. It gives the reader a break from reading a lengthy piece of content, as opposed to reading something that has a linear flow of writing.

  • Keep a Check on Word Count

Your SEO friendly article has to be kept in check when it comes to the word count. The right word limit is 700 – 800 words for a blog. And the minimum word limit is 300 words. Refrain from keeping it a long piece if you’re looking to draft an engaging SEO blog for your audience.

  • Create Backlinks

This is particularly an amazing way to display thought leadership on a subject. For instance, if you are writing an SEO blog about Chinese cuisine and you have previously posted more content pieces about this topic, you must link your current SEO post with those already posted pieces. Your target audience (if they’re interested to learn more about what you have to say about Chinese food) will definitely subscribe to your newsletter for more updates once they realize that you’re an expert in the matter of their interest. Moreover, more backlinks mean more traffic to your website. The more they stay on your website, the more will be the chances that they will buy something from your online store.

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