4 Pro Tips to Grow Your Business During the Festive Season
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4 Pro Tips to Grow Your Business During the Festive Season

This is that time of the year. It’s the most-awaited Diwali season!

The festive time when eCommerce giants launch eye-catching offers and discounts that compel the public to spend their paycheque like there’s no tomorrow. According to Shiprocket’s latest report that maps the Direct to Consumer trends during the busy festive season, it was found that the top 2 product categories turned out to be, personal care and food groceries. Sellers, new and old, have started to grow your business during this celebratory season because people are in the mood to spend, regardless of the economic scenario. So for those of you who are still clueless in a way that you don’t know what to do next to catch the attention of your audience, here’s a blog discussing the pro tips on how to grow a business during the festive times. To know more, continue reading!

  • Deliver Products PAN India

The key to grow your business boundlessly is by catering to the masses. You can be the king of your own town, provide efficient deliveries to your customers and be happy with all that you’re earning for the rest of the year. Or you could expand not only your business but also your mental horizon. Because with the help of automation, the sky is the limit.

Grow your business with us at Shiprocket Social, a free eCommerce store builder that not only encourages you to start your business from scratch in an online environment, but also provides you delightful shipping services. You can expand your business by delivering products across 27,000+ pin codes PAN India and 220 countries globally with the help of 17+ expert courier partners that have mastered timely deliveries. After all, why limit yourself and your business because of geographical boundaries, when the world is your oyster?

  • Launch New Products and Categories for Variety

A trend that seems to exist during, especially during the festive season is the launch of new products, collections, and categories during the much-awaited festive season. It’s like opening a hip cafe and then, never changing the menu, or adding new dishes to it. Your customers will get bored of eating the same thing every time they visit you.

Let’s face it – this is not how you grow your business in the real, competitive world.

Don’t worry! We have an amazing tip on how to grow your small business during this time of the year. You must add new products to your catalog because your customers want variety. There are so many products in the Internet world that your audience is already looking at thousands of products every day. Coupled with fleeting attention span, you need to add a touch of freshness to your catalog.

  1. Hire Staff to Keep up with the Demand  

Grow your small business by hiring a bunch of experts that can manage the surge in order volume during the festive season. For this to happen, you need to have the numbers ready. Ask yourself these questions – what are the demand projections for the festive month? Do you have your inventory updated? Is your customer support equipped to redress the audience’s grievances, queries? Do you have someone who can manage the logistical side of the business and coordinate properly with your 3PL partner?

It is crucial to ask these questions because, without curiosity, you won’t be able to work hard on making the user experience seamless. And if the user experience is nothing short of perfection, you can’t grow your business during this precious time.

For your target audience, the price tag of the product they want to purchase is one of the key deciding factors. With limited spending power, they are constantly looking for exciting offers and discounts that can give competition brands a run for their money. In fact, the masses usually wait for the festive season before starting to make the relevant purchases, as well. Because this is ‘Sale’ time of the year!

You can also do the same. Grow your business with the help of offers and giveaways that seem attractive to the eyes of the customers. At the same time, ensure that these offers are lucrative for your business. You can’t give discounts to your customers from your own pocket.

Start Selling Online Today and Make the Most of Festive Season 2020!

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