10 Free Features to Grow your eCommerce Business
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10 Free Features to Grow your eCommerce Business

Who doesn’t love free stuff? We do. And we’re sure that you do too – especially when these free features are designed to make your eCommerce experience livelier and richer. So yes, Shiprocket Social is providing its sellers with a bunch of free features that will help their electronic business grow.

Do you want to know what are those? We are sure you do. Mentioned below are the 10 free features in your seller panel (if you’ve signed up with us, that is) that will lead your eCommerce business towards an experience of ease and growth. Have a look to find out!

  1. Create a Free Website

What if we told you can create your own free shopping website and start attracting customers to accept orders and ship products across the country? We bet you’d be surprised and happy at the same time.

Shiprocket enables the seller to set-up their own eCommerce website for product cataloguing. This free online store can be customised as per the seller’s discretion through other complementary features such as adding a custom domain, Google Analytics, creating web pages, uploading custom banners, setting up a Facebook shop, etc. to help shape the brand identity and put emphasis on the seller’s credibility.

  • Inventory Management

Shiprocket provides assistance in the management of centralized inventory across all the channels integrated by the seller on their personalized panel. Due to end-to-end automation, the stock is updated on the channels through its feature, Inventory Sync, which runs every 10 minutes and can be manually triggered, as well.

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This feature helps the seller to collect customer feedback by providing them with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) that helps them gather information on the buyer’s overall eCommerce shopping experience along with qualitative feedback. This Net Promoter Score (NPS) on a scale of 1-10 is collected from the buyers and the same is visible on seller’s Shiprocket panel. This feature further encourages the seller to administer abundant efficacy in the end-to-end operations of their business. 

  • Email and SMS Updates

This feature is another important part of Shiprocket’s eCommerce solutions – it warrants constant communication for the seller with their buyer through Email and SMS notifications, which helps the buyer to remain updated about the whereabouts of their scheduled order. From the moment the customer orders something from their web store, SMS and Emails related to the packing of the shipment, out for delivery, delay or cancellation in delivery etc. are sent out to them, for adequate transparency to ensure the upkeep of the seller’s credibility.

This eCommerce feature brings awareness to the seller about the whereabouts of their shipments, until effective last-mile delivery. Consequently, the seller can ensure the circulation of this information among their buyers to create an environment of transparency between both parties.

An instrumental feature for impressive eCommerce sales – this feature helps the seller to provide the buyer with the facility of scheduling COD orders. Also, to enhance the summarized buying experience of the customer, the seller can also accept returns very easily from their buyers.

  • Shipping Rate Calculator

Another feature in favour of your internet business – the seller can estimate the freight cost in advance. By calculating the shipping charges for a particular shipment on the basis of its volumetric weight, COD availability, dimensions and distance between the 2 pin codes, the seller can plan their shipments in an optimized manner.

  • Dedicated Customer Support

Get equipped with an in-built customer support feature, so that your queries can be resolved the moment they arise. Questions related to weight disputes, how to use the panel, pin codes, shipping rates etc and the seller’s grievances are quickly resolved through this dedicated feature for your eCommerce business.

  • Pin Code Zone Mapping

Your eCommerce site will have another amazing feature added to the list. This feature helps the seller selling through their website – to know whether a pin code is serviceable for shipping their orders or not. This serviceability list gets updated regularly by our team and the seller can update their free online store as per the changes made respectively.

  1. Customer Directory

Beneficial for offline and eCommerce sellers, through this feature, they can maintain a record of their buyers, which will further help them to systematically maintain the customer data. Also, the seller can see exactly who has placed an order with them via any channel and create an order for them where the shipping address will be pre-filled. A new customer can also be added by the seller, in this directory.

Our advice? End the waiting right now, go ahead and start the process by using the free website builder by Shiprocket Social. Make social selling easy for your business. Because once upon a fine time, Walt Disney spoke, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”


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